Some of The Best Places to Visit in Darjelling

Darjeeling: The perfect combo of British colonial charm and serene landscapes. From old British bakeries with historical attraction to the quintessential Darjeeling brew, from the lush green tea gardens to the highest railway station in India, this little town has too much to provide.

Tiger Hill

If you love to wake up early in the morning, the Tiger Hill sunrise is a life changing the experience you ought not to miss. It really is so magnificent that tourists queue up as soon as 4am to witness this panoramic view.

Batasia loop

This spiral railway track bounded by manicured gardens provides 360 degree view of Darjeeling’s landscapes. The snow clad mountains using one area beautiful backdrop to the trip. The railway station is named Ghoom which is the best railway station in India.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

That kind of a zoo specialises in breeding pets or animals that survive in alpine conditions. Some of the animals like the endangered Himalayan wolf, snow leopard, and the red panda are found here. If you are a ardent animal fan, this zoo is never to be missed.

Glenary’s Bakery

Unless you eat at least one food at Glenary’s, your Darjeeling trip will stay incomplete. Located ideally at the shopping mall, this old British bakery and cafe has local and international fans. Once you get into, the aroma of newly cooked goodies will warm your heart and soul. Try the chicken roast and you’ll not be disappointed. For more than half a century, Glenary’s has been synonymous with great food and service.


Chowrasta is a bustling square and the town’s preferred hangout spot. You may look for local trinkets, handicrafts, semi precious stones, food items, clothes, and so much more. The very best part of Chowrasta is that no vehicles are allowed and 100 % pure, smoke free air is assured.

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