Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages, Bodhgaya Temple Tour Itinerary
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Buddhism Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages

buddhist pilgrimage tour packages india

India is one among the major buddhist pilgrimage tour packages sites and is visited by millions of Buddhists consistently in search of true inner qualities along with peace of mind and relaxation. Among all the Buddhists pilgrimage destinations, the most popular are Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Lumbini and Kushinagar. People with different travel plan visit many destinations that offer incalculable tourist attractions depicting the great stories related to the birth of Buddhism religion in India.

To make this journey easy for you, we are offering comprehensive Buddhist Tours wherein you can pay your visit to the major Buddhist pilgrimage destinations and sites not just of India but likewise of Nepal. Buddhist pilgrimage tour is the best for the ones who wants to feel the joy of inner peace at least once in a life.

Come and proceed with us on this sacred journey to explore the strongholds of Buddhism in India.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour