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Golden temple which is an important temple to all the Sikhs has a real great legacy which is associated to this place. The very old Amrit Sarovar also famous as the pool of nectar has also been associated with the Indian legends as well as the Lord Rama’s twin sons who was known to be taught the Ramayana here.


The way in which the land was made available for the further construction has a lot of stories attached to it. There are a few who say it was a gift where as the others say that it was bought. Irrespective of this the temple was built on a revenue free land.

Golden Temple :

Golden Temple is one of its kinds which you can just not miss when you are here. This is located in the heart of the city and is also said to be the highly visited tourist attraction. This temple has four doors which open up in the four different directions and are also said to be greatly decorated with mesmerizing architecture. This place is open to all irrespective of the religion followed by the visitor. The flawless marble and the base work done by the architects portraying the best are said to be just amazing.

Jalianwala Baugh :

Jalianwala baugh is one another site commonly visited here. This is one historical monument which depicts the story of thousands of soldiers who were said to be killed during the independence period in India. When you are here you will be able to look out for the memorials of the martyrs who had been killed in the 1919 massacre by the British government.

Durgiana Mandir :

Durgiana Mandir is one of the most beautiful temples made up in Amritsar which is known for the architecture and the sculptures here. This is the one that is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga and is also easily accessible from Golden Temple. This temple is said to be built in the 16th century and as it is situated in the middle of a lake the overall view is just too amazing. The idol of the goddess is just worth looking at as it is huge and massive.

Wagha Border :

One of the nearby places which you can also visit is the Wagha Border.

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