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Jhansi is popularly known as one of the most significant place in Uttar Pradesh which has preserved the sign of many historic moments in its heart. It is the historic place where many battles had been fought by our brave Indian soldiers in the ancient times. The place got so much popularity after British government selected it as the centre of India to control their ruling.

In the old days the place was called as Shankagarh but it derived its name from the word jhans-si and became more popular day by day. The city is also associated with great female freedom fighter like Lakshmi Bai who is commonly known as the princess of Jhansi in every corner of India.

The city is known as a symbol of Bundelkhand culture. You can be able to see numbers of temples, historic forts and river dams in the city. All these natural scenes make the place one of the most memorable places in the world. You can also see some historic places like Rani Mahal which is associated with Lakshmi Bai, the queen of Jhansi. There are other special attractions like Jhansi Museum, Fort and Chhatri of Gangadhar Rao which makes the city one of the outstanding visiting destination of India.

The city Jhansi is located between two famous rivers Betwa and Pahunj which provides a special feature to it. The ever flowing rivers on the two sides and beautiful scenario of nature has made the place more significant and people from all across the globe come to it every year to make their trip memorable. You can also able to see numbers of historic forts and temples in the city. Some important places are Rani Mahal, Lakshmi Bai temple and temple of Mahalakshmi and many more which makes the place more beautiful.

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