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Mount Abu Tour Package

Mount Abu is a mountain in Aravalli Range of Rajasthan. Mount Abu Trip Package will take you to the mountain which is full of rocks. The highest peak is Guru Shikhar. If you are fond of trekking, it is one of your ideal destinations. The best time to visit Mount Abu is the winter season starting from November to February. However, please note that the summer season starts in April and ends in June. The monsoon starts in July and ends in September. So, you can start your Mount Abu Tour Package any time that you want. There are around 8-10 great temples of Mount Abu which are well-known tourist spots. We will talk about the 5 famous temples of Dilwara.

The Five Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu

Dilwara Temples

The Dilwara Temples are a group of five temples. They are around 2.5 km from Mt Abu of Rajasthan. These are Jain Temples. These got constructed by Vimal Shah and the design was prepared by Vastupala-Tejpal. He was a Jain Minister of Dholka. These are especially known because of minute and complex work of marble. It is nice to see the carvings which are of 3D structure on Mount Abu Travel Package. Dilwara Temples are one of the pilgrimage sites considered by the Indians, so please if you happen to take your parents to send them to visit Dilwara Temples and if possible accompany them too. These temples have the rich taste of opulence too which soothes the eyes. Let us see the features one by one while being on Mount Abu Holiday Packages.

Vimal Vasahi Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Rishabha. Please note that there are 36 crores, gods and goddesses, in India. All were very powerful and all had very special magical powers. Their great deeds have been recorded in written in our holy books. When you would be on Mount Abu Tour Package, you will get to know many unbelievable facts about India. The temple is in an open courtyard. There are heavy carvings on corridors, pillars, arches, etc. The ceiling is also decorated with fine designs of Lotus-buds, flowers, petals and some memorable scenes of Jain mythology.  There is Navchowki, which has nine rectangular ceilings. Every ceiling has different and beautiful designs. The main attraction is Hastishala (Elephant Courtyard) which was constructed later. It is a row of elephants built as sculptors. Do visit it on Mount Abu Tour Itinerary.

Luna Vasahi

This temple was built for Lord Neminath by Porwad Brothers- Vastupal and Tejpal. There is a big hall called Rang Mandap. There is a central dome. An ornamental strong pendant is hanging from the central dome. The carving is elaborating in nature. The dome is set in 72 figures of Tirthankaras in a circular band. The Tirthankaras are in sitting position. Also, there are 360 statues of Jain Monks in one more circular band. Like Vimal Vasahi Temple, there are 10 beautiful elephants of marble in this temple also. Please don’t forget to visit anything on Mount Abu Tour Package. They are neat, polished and beautifully modelled. There is a Gudh Mandap which has a marble idol of Lord Neminath who is also the 22nd Tirthankar. The idol is of black marble. Luna Vasahi Temple and Vimal Vasahi Temple are bigger ones as compared to the other three.

Pittalhar Temple

On Mount Abu Travel Package you would know that it was made by Bhima Singh. He was not a ruler but was a minister of Sultan Begada of Ahmedabad. There is a metal sculptor of Tirthankar Rishabh Dev. As the name suggests, the idol is made up of ‘Pittal’ which is brass in English. The shrine has three main parts: the Gudh Mandap, the Navchowki and the Garbhgriha. There is one more, big sculptor of Panch-Tirtha of Adinath. It is observed on Mount Abu Trip Package that there were some pieces of construction were left incomplete then it was completed with time.

Shri Parshvanath Temple

This temple has the idol of Lord Parshvanath. It got made by Mandlik and his family. It was constructed in 1458-58. There are 3 storeys in the temple. There are four mandaps on the four faces of the chamber on the ground floor. The sculptors on the walls of the chamber of the temple are made up of grey sandstone. It depicts Dikpals, Yakshinis, Vidhyadevis, Shalbhanjikas, etc. Mount Abu Tour Itinerary just includes all the temples surely.

Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple

There is a small structure of temples in Dilwars Temples called as Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple. As the name is, it is for Lord Mahavir. There are carvings on the walls of the temple. Its size does not create any difference to the beauty of the creativity. There are carvings on the lower walls and on the upper walls, there are pictures painted.

These temples reflect the principles of Jainism which is one of the major religions of the world originated in India. Not many things are really perfect but these Jain Temples really are from the point of view of architecture. The ornate expression in the divinity to God is superb. It can be seen everywhere from carved ceilings, pillars, doorways and panels.  Make sure you visit all the five temples properly on the Mount Abu Tour Itinerary.

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