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Best Places to Visit in Ranthambore 

Ranthambore is in Rajasthan is a splendid destination. It has many tourist spots which are worth visiting on Ranthambore Tour Package. It is a great holiday destination for the entire family and with friends to spend time with. It is a very exciting and happening place. It is full of adventure. It is located near the Thar Desert. It gives a beautiful opportunity to see dangerous tigers and other animals. It preserves wildlife much better. Nature is at its best here. Here are some of the best tourist spots of Ranthambore. Ranthambore National Park

There are various animals and you can enjoy watching the tigers and other wild animals. Many wild animals live a peaceful life in the lap of nature. The first destination on Ranthambore Holiday Packages is worth spending time and energy on. There are insuperable big cats. The surrounding areas provide beautiful views of Aravalli and Vindhya hill ranges. The intricate formation of the mountains is mesmerizing. If you want to experience the real thrill beyond horror movies, it is the right choice on Ranthambore Travel Package. The National Park is open for the common people from October to May. It is a superb experience altogether.

Places to Visit in Ranthambore

Ranthambore Fort

It was constructed in the year 944 AD. The fort is on the hilltop as the purpose of the fort is to protect the kingdom. Its topography is in the manner that it needed the strongest army which was not common and thus the purpose of the fort was justified. Like all other forts in India, Ranthambore Fort also gives a great deal of craftsmanship. The interior is also awesome. It is nice to feel that the place which was just to be meant to protect the place from the outsiders but still there was full creativity and zeal in all the people who constructed it.

The other admiring thing is to make such buildings of good height which were another challenge to risk the lives of the labourers. It would be helpful on Ranthambore Tour Package if you take binoculars along with you as in case it won’t be possible for you to see at that height. Besides binoculars will help you spot some animals from the top and the sight of some migratory birds also which is rare.

Surwal Lake

It is located 25 km away from Ranthambore but is a part of Ranthambore Holiday Packages. This lake provides a lot of likelihood of taking pictures worth keeping forever. Surwal Lake is seasonal so it is dry in the month of May and June thus try to plan Ranthambore Trip Package accordingly.

Kachida Valley

Valley is a place which is surrounded by mountains. There are stunning views in the valley.  You will find rare eye-soothing greenery all over there. The valley is located on the border of the National Park. Design your Ranthambore Tour Itinerary in the manner that you can see the panthers more, as the valley is known for it. They are seen more over here as they do not go to the thick forest due to the dominance of the tigers. You can take a Jeep Safari and can go through the home of various wild animals like bear, sloth bear, wild boar, etc. It is a thrilling experience on Ranthambore Tour Package. It is advisable to not move out of the jeep, kindly follow the advice of the guide and the rules. Thus you can enjoy rich flora and fauna of the valley which has been maintained well.

Raj Bagh Ruins

Rah Bagh Ruins falls between Padam Talao and Raj Bagh Talao. This tells a lot about the history. The designs are intriguing. If it is in its ruins, one can understand how old it is. It belongs to the prehistoric era. There are many monuments inside Raj Bagh. The structures are made up of stones. They are ancient. There are arches, outhouses and domes there. The ruins tell about the beauty as well as the complexity of the structures. Raj Bagh is surrounded by very thick forest. The thick forests that are seen on Ranthambore Holiday Packages have a dominance of tigers. The number of tigers is this much that panthers even avoid going there. There are striking landscapes that surround the region and lets you take memorable pictures.

Raj Bagh has the history of being the hunting spot of the brave rulers of Jaipur. Nahargarh plays the role of an oasis of luxuries and an amazing sense of hospitality near the areas of Ranthambore National park. Nahargarh is basically chosen by the tourists as the base to explore the National Park of Ranthambore. It is full of luxuries even when it is so old. The ambience has a lot to be called as delightful. The natural lush green surroundings of the place give it a rich natural look. The architecture has a regal taste like all other forts and palaces of India.

Ranthambore is a part of Ranthambore Travel Package. The places here are great for a celebration with the family or friends. They are good for you if you are fond of adventure or religiousness. The way the designs and architecture have been made, it is super awesome. Please do visit and realize the power and beauty of one of the best tourist spots of Rajasthan. The Ranthambore Trip Package is a speciality of Rajasthan in itself. In very short Ranthambore Tour Itinerary it will give you great pleasure.

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