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Almora, Uttarakhand, India

Almora Travel Destinations

Almora is said to be the capital of Chand dynasty that was known to rule Kumaon for not less than one thousand years. This is one hill station that has a very different story to quote and that is almost the entire hill stations were developed and discovered by the British but this was the one founded by the Raja Kalyan Chand when he transferred his capital from Champawat to Almora in 1568.

It has been said that almost about 500 years in the past Raja Kalyan Chand the ruler of Kumaon with its capital in Champawat, was riding hard to save himself from his enemy on a horseshoe shaped spur. To save himself he took a refuge under a wood kilmora which is a wild bush and then revealed that this site of his would be a capital. This place is bounded by the rivers of Kosi and Suyal rivers this capital was very strategically situated and also located too. This place was known to maintain its own protection until the gurkha onslaught.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Almora

Nanda devi temple This ancient temple is one of the major attractions in Almora town. The temple ages for almost hundred years now and also carries a deep faith of a lot many people not just who are residents but are also the ones who belong to other cities and places.

Situated approximately 8 kilometers away from Almora, the Chetai temple is the one which is believed to be trusted a lot by the local people. Here you will find thick pine tree forests and dense fur too. You will love to spend time at this place if you love to take a look at nature.

Bajinath which is situated on the banks of the local river Gomti in Garur Valley is a very peaceful place. This place is very prominent for all its 13th century temples. Situated in the densely wooded beautiful narrow valley Jageshwar is also one place that has a group of Shiva temples and is one the way of the Almora-Pithoragarh road.

Tourists Attractions

Almora Tourist Places

Nanda devi temple
Chetai temple
Kasar Devi Temple
Katarmal Sun Temple

To reach out to this place carefully it is important that you plan out your tour correctly. The nearest airport which you can opt for is Pant Nagar (Nanital). The nearest station to this place is the Kathgodam which is situated 90 kms away. You can also hire local transport because they are going to be one easy way that can help you go through the different sectors of the city without much of problems.

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