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Bali Fort, Bali, Rajasthan 306701, India

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Situated on the National Highway – 79 the village Barli is located near the Dev Sagar Lake in Dist. Ajmer which is approximately 40 kms from Shahpura. This place is full of lakes and good for bird watching, safaris in the village, craft centers visit and there are also a few very old temples which you can very well visit. This place was founded in 1675 A.D and it is since then the tourists are attracted to this place.

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Few major activities that you can perform when you are here are trekking at the lakeside, bicycling and also motorcycle trips towards the country side. You can also take a look at the fort here which has a lot of architectural walls and other stuff which can remind you of the past era where the Mughals and the Rajputs existed. Always remember that you will have to also look out for the best places where you can have your accommodation. One great place here that you can opt for is the Barli fort palace. This old fort has been now converted into a huge palace like hotel where you can book your accommodation and can also enjoy a great cuisine which is traditional and will remind you of the typical Rajasthani food.

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