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A small village in Rajasthan Bera is surrounded completely by forests where leopards roam about freely.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Bera

Along this village flows the river Jawai which also has a dam built up on it. This beautiful lake can be said a dwelling of the largest crocodiles which you might have never seen before in your life time. These leopards and the crocodiles here are not at all a part of any wildlife sanctuary and thus you will only find tourists here who love bird watching and wildlife and are very much fond of it.

There are also a few good other lakes situated in the vicinity and taking a look at them in the morning gives a very pleasant feel. While in the evening you are on a safari apart from the leopards you will also see wild jungle cats, hyenas, wolves, jackals, blue bulls, red fox etc.

Tourists Attractions

Reaching out to this small village is not a big deal because it is connected to the city of Udaipur by road and is approximately 150 odd kilometers by road. You can also drive to this place from Mt. Abu which is juts 100 kms away. Travelling by road will give you the pleasure of taking a look at the great deserts and also the forests full of wildlife.

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