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Daman, Daman and Diu, India

Daman Travel Destinations

Daman, situated in the south of Gujarat, was taken over by the Portuguese along with Goa. At one time, it was governed from Goa, while now it forms the part of the union territory of Daman and Diu. This is now controlled from Delhi. Even though the beaches are quite dirty, it constitutes a tropical flavour. Today, Daman is said to be the provider for alcohol as it is banned all over Gujarat. You will find the streets of Daman filled with liquor shops providing finest Scotch Whiskey and even feni.

The Portuguese took over Daman in 1531 and the region was ceded under the last Gujarati sultan Bahadur Shah. Even today you will find a Portuguese flavour in the city with a number of forts as well as churches. The Daman Ganga river divides the town into two parts, known as the Nani Daman and the Moti Daman. The Nani Daman contains a number of hotels, restaurants, bars and all such, while the moti Dmana consist of churches and government buildings.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Daman

There are a number of places to visit in Daman. Every year you will find a number of people coming to Daman to see monuments like the Fort of Moti Daman. This fort is mainly connected to the river and also being protected with a moat over the land. You can even plan a visit to the Jampore Beach which leads to the borders of Gujarat. You can experience the pleasant feeling of being close to the nature. This sea is not at all dangerous, so swimming could be the right thing to do. At the sea shore, you should not miss the picnic spot below the Casurina plantation.

Other must see places would be Fort of the Nani Daman, Damanganga tourist complex, Church of Bom Jesus and even the Kadiaya Lake Garden.

Tourists Attractions

Daman Tourist Places

Fort of Moti Daman
Jampore Beach
Fort of the Nani Daman
Damanganga Tourist Complex
Church of Bom Jesus

Thee are a number of ways to reach the city of Daman. If you are to opt for the railways route, the Vapi station is said to be the access point of Daman. Vapi is about 90km from Surat and about 170km from the city of Mumbai. You can even choose to drive directly from Surat to Vapi but you need to be prepared for delays because the road between Daman and Surat are said to be very congested. This route is mostly full with the trains travelling between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. You will find a number of taxis at the railway station which are not at all expensive and leave for Daman on a very frequent basis. It would take only twenty minutes for you to reach Daman. You will find a number of buses leaving for Daman.

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