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Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Gwalior Travel Destinations

A city that retrieves glorious past as well as presents modern outlook of Madhya Pradesh is Gwalior. This city has been under the patronage of various dynasties of Rajput clans of Tomars, Kacchwahas as well as Pratiharas.

The rich culture as well as tradition has been retained in the form of city palaces, historical monuments as well as temples. Climate of this place is in extremes as in summers the temperature can raise up to forty six degrees and in winders it can fall up to five degrees.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Gwalior

Major Attractions of Gwalior are as follows:

Gwalior fort : This is one of the major attraction which stands on the mass sandstone very beautifully. This fort is regarded as “the pearl among the fortresses of Hind” by the Mughal emperor Babur as he was captivated by the magnificence as well as grandeur of the fort. The outer doors are also the one that attracts the tourists as the walls is around two miles in length and up to the height of thirty five feet.

Gujari Mahal : This Mahal is the symbol of the excellence of medieval architecture. This was built by Raja Mansingh and dedicated it to dearly loved Gujar queen Mrignayni. The must see thing at this Mahal is statue of Shalbhanjika from Gyraspur. It also comprises of one museum which comprises of compilation of antiques.

Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb : This is the tomb in which the Afghan prince Ghaus Mohammad is buried here. The tomb is located en route to Gwalior fort. Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb is a part of Mughal architecture and it reflects it very well. One of the best part of the tomb is the pierced stone technique.

Tourists Attractions

Gwalior Tourist Places

Gwalior Fort
Gujari Mahal
Ghaus Mohammed’s Tomb
Jai Vilas Mahal
Phool Bagh

In case you have a desire to go in a memorable trip to Jhansi, you can choose bus, train or airway as the best medium. There are numbers of busses running between Jhansi and its surrounding places like Gwalior and Khajuraho. You can catch the buses from any of such places as per your requirement. The place is also connected with all the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai with railway networks. Trying to reach at the place with the help of airline isn’t a bad option because there are numbers of private and public planes that can carry you to the place safely.

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