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Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Nainital Travel Destinations

Nainatal, the lake town is the largest hill settlements in the region of Kumaon in the Himalayas. The place is said to be named after the goddess Naini Devi who is the presiding idol of the place. It is well known for the beauty of the mountain which surrounds the city and is considered as the favourite place for most of the tourists as the city of Nainital is known for its beauty. There are a number of people coming here for refreshment and break from their monotonous life. This place is well known for the hamlets who are still living the traditional life pattern.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Nainital

There is a long list of places that are to be visited when in Nainital. The very first option is the Naini Lake which is believed to be one of the emerald green eyes of the wife of Shiva, Sati. It was when Sati’s father missed to call Shiva for a family ritual, Sati had burned herself in a way to protest. Shiva had gathered the remains of the body whose parts were divided by lord Vishnu to avoid destruction of the earth by Shiva. These parts were scattered all over the country. It is believed that the Naina Devi Temple is exactly the place where one of the part had fallen.

When you go to Nainital do not miss the snow view. The top of the Naina Devi was known as the highest mountain of the British empire. You need to visit the marble temple which is saud to tbe dedicated to the Dev Mundi and even had idols of Shiva, Durga, Rama, Sita, Lakshman as well as Hanuman. When at the Snow View you can walk west and head towards the Kilbury which would lead you to the China Peak or go down to Sukhatal. Apart from that there are a number of walks in the region which even provide wonderful view of snow scrapped mountains. Naina Peak and Hanuman Garhi are other places which are worth visiting.

Tourists Attractions

Nainital Tourist Places

Naini Lake
Naina Peak
Hanuman Garhi
Mukteshwar Temple
Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are worried about how to reach Nainital, you have to stop worrying as there are a number of ways which would take you to Nainital. If you want a very comfortable ride, you can select the air route, having the domestic airport of Palam Airport in New Delhi. For international visitors, there is the Indira Gandhi International Airport again in New Delhi. Through railways, you have a number of trains coming from New Delhi, Kolkata as well as Lucknow. You even have option of roadside travelling as there are good number of roads connected to Nainital. You can make election according to your convenience.

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