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Orachha, Madhya Pradesh, India

Orchha Travel Destinations

Founded by Rudra Pratap, Orcha is a small city in Tikamgarh District, Madhya Pradesh. This city is as old as 16th century and is located besides the Betwa River. It is a very renowned place for its temples and also the gigantic forts. It also has very exotic architecture all around the pillars and walls. The Bundela Art of the palaces is a must see.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Orchha

There are many destinations in Orcha which you can not afford to miss out.

Raj Mahal is one of the most ancient forts of the Indian history. It is very know for its cenotaphs and incredibly beautiful interiors. These cenotaphs are called as Chhatris is India. The most unique part of this Mahal is that for every function of the king you will find a separate room.

Then you have Jahangir Mahal. You can see excellent piece of architecture in this fort. This fort is a symbol of friendship of Mughals with Bundelas. You will find sculptures of two bowed elephants at the entrance door of this fort to welcome you. There are lots of balconies in this fort that offers you great scenic view.

After this you can also visit Rai Praveen Mahal which is a great tourist destination of Orcha. It is an entirely wrecked palace but was earlier it was a beautiful two storied palace built by Indramani after his favorite courtesan Rai Praveen. This palace was well known for its beautiful gardens. The most unique part of this palace is that the height was built in order to match the height of the tress in the surroundings and this view used to look exquisite.

The Raja Ram Temple is yet another place which you need visit. It is a very unusual place as here there is no god to worship. Lord Rama is considered as a King here. Then you can also have a look at Chaturbhuj Temple and also Laxmi Narayan Temple when you make a trip to Orcha. These places are also a masterpiece in itself.

Tourists Attractions

Orchha Tourist Places

Raj Mahal
Jahangir Mahal
Rai Praveen Mahal
The Raja Ram Temple
Laxmi Narayan Temple

There is no airport in and around Orcha. You will either have to reach Gwalior airport or Khajurao Airport. The best option to reach Orcha is by train. Jhansi railways station is about 15 kms away from Orcha. From the airport and railways stations you will find lots of transportation facilities. But in order to get a more convenient way of reaching this place you can hire private vehicle.

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