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Panna national Park

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Panna National Park, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh 471405, India

Panna National Park Travel Destinations

Panna is more profoundly known for it Panna national Park. It is located at about 57 kms away from Khajurao. The diamonds of Panna are extremely famous and are exquisitely in demand. But it is any day known for the national park located here. The species of flora and fauna seen here are simply mind blowing.

In fact Panna is considered as a very popular place for tiger reserves. In fact few years ago this park was known as Panna Tiger Reserve. This park is very close to become the most visited national park of the nation as it is located near Khajurao which is visited by numbers tourist every year.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Panna national Park

The species of vultures are talked about here to a greater extent. You will see a wide range of species of vultures in this national park. You will find 6 rare types of vultures at present in the Panna National Park. Gyps Indicus, Gyps Africanus, Gyps Himalayensis, Sarcogyps Calvus, Aegypius Monachus, and Neophron Precnopterus are the 6 rare species of vultures that you can find in this wildlife sanctuary.

Panna Park also had Black-capped Kingfisher which is no more seen now. Also one of the oldest elephant namedVatsala is the highlight of this park. In addition to this you will also find panthers, tigers, Sambhar, Bear, and Wild Dog. Also Blue Bull, wolfs, jackals, crocodiles, spotted dears, monkeys and lot more.

It is not only the fauna but the flora collection at Panna National Park is very good. You can find a wide range of trees and bushes here like Tendu, Achar, Kullu, Bel, Dhawda, Aonla, Saja and lot more.

Tourists Attractions

Panna National Park Tourist Places

Tiger Reservoir
Black-Capped Kingfisher
Vatsala Elephant

If you are planning to visit Panna National Park make sure that you do not make plans for summers as the climate is very hot and unbearable. The best time of visiting this park is winters. The climate is very soothing at this time. So you can make your plans between October and June. The closest airport to the Panna National Park is Khajurao Airport (57 kms) and the nearest railways station is Satna (90 kms). After that it will better to hire a private vehicle to have a comfortable trip to the park.

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