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Sasan Gir Wildlife

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Sasan Gir, Gujarat 362135, India

Sasan Gir Wildlfe Travel Destinations

There are many attractive wild life sanctuaries in India wherein people can experience the true world of wild life as well as spectacular views of animals. Among such sanctuaries one of them is Sasan Gir Wildlfe which is situated in the state of Gujarat.

This wildlife sanctuary is spread around one thousand four hundred and twelve kilometers. This sanctuary is well maintained one and it comprises of huge number of lions.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Sasan Gir Wildlfe

It is the house of Asiatic lions. These are the lions which are rarely seen in the other wildlife sanctuaries of India. There was huge amount of hunting as well as shooting of lions taken place in the twentieth century were it was observed that the these lions were at the verge of disappearance. This was the time when it required to stop hunting and shooting. However after some time Nawab of Junagarh passed an order for stopping hunting of lions as well as other creatures.

The formation of Sasan Gir Wildlife sanctuary is through getting together three adjoining reserves which are the little Rann of Kutch, the Nalavar as well as Flamingo Island. This gives wonderful scenes which attracts lots of tourists every year. The entire look of the sanctuary is enhanced with the sharp deciduous forest that comprises of teak trees.

As far as the climate of this place is concerned it is moderate and this makes it possible for wide range of flora and fauna to survive at this park. It is the house for three hundred and ten species of bird, thirty two species of animals, four hundred and fifty species of plants as well as two thousand species of insects. One can also take the pleasure of enjoying various mammals like Jackals, Barking Deer, Jungle Cats, Wild Boar, Hyenas, Antelopes and many more such mammals.

One can take jungle safari ride and enjoy spotting lion. Gir International Zone is the place where you can spot lion easily. As number of visitors are increasing there are number of watchtowers placed close to the waterholes so that close view of lions can be enjoyed.

Tourists Attractions

Sasan Gir Wildlfe Tourist Places

Asiatic lions
Jungle Safari

In case you are looking forward to visit Sasan Gir wildlife then the best time to visit would be November to June. As far as reaching to this place is concerned Keshod is the nearest airport and aprt form this there are two other airports near that is Porbandar and Rajkot. The nearest railway station to this place is Sasan Gir railway station. You even hire a private car to reach out to this Wildlife.

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