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Shahpura, Jaipur was said to be the thikana that is the head seat of Shekhawat but now it is being headed by the present M.L.A of the place Rao Shri Rajender Singh Shekhawat.

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Reaching out to this place is very easy if you take the Jaipur route. While you are traveling by the roads here you can very well take a look at Triveni Dham which is said to be just 11km away from this village. Once you reach out to this village you will be able to see to it that the people present here are dressed in traditional clothes and keep performing their daily activities which appear to be really interesting.

Near to this place you can also take a look at the God Seetaram temple. It is worth taking a look at because of all its architectures and other great work done by the crafts men done in that era. The accommodation here can never be a problem because getting to the Shahpura house is going to be one of the best choices. This house is the one which still comprises of all the splendor, love and romance of the past royal era. This is one place which will make your stay and tour to this place not just memorable but also highly comfortable.

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