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Somnath, Gujarat, India

Somnath Travel Destinations

Somnath is popularly known as one of the famous pilgrimage which is situated at the coast of Gujarat. This is believed as the first jyotirlingas of lord Shiva. The literal meaning of Somnath is lord of moon and there is a tale that such a temple was built by lord moon. There is a story that once lord moon ignored all his twenty wives due to being in love with one of his wife Rohini. After that incident all their 26 wives complained about that to their father Daksha and after that the holy temple was built and named as Somnath as a symbol for respect of Lord Shiva.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Somnath

The Holy Temple of Somnath is situated at Junagadh which is one of the coastal regions of Gujarat. The place is viewed as a symbol of Hindu culture and many pilgrims come to the place every year to enjoy the beauty of such place. If you have a desire to travel to one of the most outstanding pilgrimage of India, this will be a sensible approach to select somnath as the destination. The place is surrounded by rivers, fountains and natural scenario which may allow you to make your trip memorable forever. Enjoying the beautiful scenario of nature in a pilgrimage is a wonderful experience that can be gained by traveling to such a location.

In the old days somnath was commonly known as Prabhas Kshetra and with the passage of time the place became so popular with the name somnath. It is also believed that lord Krishna had started his journey to heaven from this place. The surrounding environment and ever flowing fountains are enough to attract the attention of people from any part of the globe. By traveling to that place you can make your trip special and memorable forever. You can wash off all your sins of your life just by visiting such a jyotirlingam once.

Tourists Attractions

Somnath Tourist Places

Somnath Mahadev Temple
Prabhas Kshetra
Old Somnath Temple
Triveni Sangam
Dehotsarg Teerth

You can travel to the pilgrimage either by train journey or through air way. Veraval is located at fifty or sixty kilometers from Junagadh and you can find regularly running trains to Somnath from such railway station. You can also travel to the holy place from Ahmedabad or Pune because there are numbers of direct trains from there. There is also airway facility to such a place. Rajkot is the nearest airport and you can catch the planes to that place from any corner of India.

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