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Kawardha Palace

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Welcome Heritage Banyan Grove

Kawardha, alongwith Bhoramdeo is the first point of access while entering Chhattisgarh from Kanha National Park in MP. Kawardha is renowned for Palace Kawardha, a heritage hotel with offbeat character and therefore recommended for offbeat heritage getaway. Kawardha Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces of central India, located at about 140 km from Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The architectural design of the Palace is a fine blend of Italian, Mughal and Colonial styles, making it an interesting attraction worth visiting in the region.

About The Property

Kawardha Palace is a twentieth century wonderful Heritage property built by Maharaja Dharamraj Singh between the period 1936-39 AD, utilizing Italian marble and stone. Still the residential home of Maharaja Vishwaraj Singh and his family, the Palace has opened a part of it for tourists, since 1991. The top floor of the Palace is the private residence of the royal family. The beautiful and majestic Kawardha Palace offers 4 spacious double suites and one 1st floor family suite to its guests. The interiors of the Palace are beautifully designed with grand marble staircases, elegant sweeping verandahs and the high-ceilinged guestrooms which have been traditionally decorated and retain all the original furnishings.

Services and Facilities

Kawardha Palace is a Heritage Hotel offers facilities and Services like Safe Deposit Lockers, 24-hrs Room Service, Doctor on Call and Car Parking facilities among many others.


For Recreation Welcome Kawardha Palace

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