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Chakrata Hill Station

Chakrata is a picturesque hill station situated at an elevation of 2270 meters above the sea level in the midst dense Deodar forest. Used to be the Summer retreat of English East India Company, the town of Chakrata was set up by British rulers and was referred initially as Jaunsar bawar, a little hamlet of Jaunsari tribe. It is currently a well known getaway among nature lovers, photographers, adventure enthusiasts and vacationers. Its beautiful lush surroundings, charming atmosphere and tranquil environment makes it a perfect place to spend holidays leisurely.

Activities: Skiing and Rappelling

Best Places to visit:

1. Tiger Falls: Tiger Falls is one of the major spot found in the area. Tumbling from a height of 312 feet, Tiger Falls is among the most elevated waterfalls and makes a captivating impact in the beautiful environment. Enchanted surrounding and an excellent view makes it a perfect spot for charming trip.

2. Budher Caves: Budher Caves, also called as Miola Caves, is a site of historical importance. These caves were named after the German Person, Miola who discovered these caves. Currently, it is a great place for Spelunking or Cave exploration.

3. Mundali: Mundali is a scenic destination famous for magnificient view of snow capped Himalayas and is one of the best places for skiing in winters. The spot is surrounded by the Asia’s best rated Deodar forests.

4. Chilmiri Neck: Chilmiri Neck is yet another picturesque spot in the region where the quarters and mess of Army millitary cantonment is located. From here, the enchanting view of scenic landscape and thick forest is breathtakingly beautiful. For Bird watchers, it is a highly suggested destination.

5. Kanasar Meadow: Surrounded by thick Deodar forest, the Kanasar Meadow is home to some biggest and oldest trees of Asia. It is one of the best picnic spot found in the region and attracts guests towards its beautiful landscape.

Some other great attractions include: Deoban, Kalsi and Ram Tall Horticulture Garden.

Best Time to Visit: April to June and September to November

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