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Cherrapunjee Hill Station

Cherrapunjee, also called as the Land of Oranges, is settled in the East Khasi Hills at a height of 4290 ft. Being the second wettest destination on the earth, the climate over there stays calm with interminable cloak of mists. With rich pine forested hills, spouting white stream-lets, various waterfalls, Cherrapunjee gives an unmistakable Scottish touch to atmosphere. For nature lovers, Cherrapunjee is a destination ought not be miss at any expense.

Activities: Trekking

Best Places To Visit:

1. Nohkhalikai Falls: Tumbling from an altitude of 1,115 feet, the amazing falls of Nohkalikai is the best visitor destination in Cherrapunjee. It is the tallest waterfall in the nation and is the fourth most noteworthy on the planet. Named so after a heartbreaking Khasi legend, Nohkalikai is presently a joy for adventure sweethearts.

2. The Seven Sister Waterfalls: The Seven Sisters Waterfalls, otherwise called Mawsmai Falls and Nohsngithiang Falls, is a seven-sectioned waterfall, which dives over the highest point of limestone precipices of the Khasi Hills. The waterfalls of being presumed as the fourth most astounding waterfalls in India, is a beautiful visitor spot in the locale.

3. Dainthlen Falls: Dainthlen waterfalls is yet another charming traveler spot in the region where because of the delicate quality of water, nobody can hear the thundering and spouting sound of the falling water. By legends, the general population of the area killed a big snake that was dwelling in the nearby cave. The stone carvings seen here of the snake are said to reflects the image of insidiousness and insatiability.

4. Mawsmai Cave: Mawsmai Cave is an exciting and a gutsy experience in itself. As the roof level of the cave is not same throughout its length thus there are chances that your head can get hurt by it. Though there is a light system in cave but it works occasionally. Notwithstanding, it ought to add more enchantment to your exploration. In light, one can appreciate the moment details of interest of the cave, subtle elements of the development of rocks and their examples.

5. Thangkharang Park: Thangkharang Park is celebrated for its grand and beautiful views. The 180 degree perspective of the Bangladesh fields are wonderful. So are the perspectives of the great slopes and the seventh most noteworthy waterfalls, the Kynrem Falls.

Some other great places to explore here may includes: Kynrem Falls, Khoh Ramhah, Living Root Bridges and the Double Decker Root Bridge, Elephatnt Falls etc.

Best Time To Visit:

Summers: March to May

Monsoon: June to September

Winter: October to February

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