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Chikhaldara Hill Station

Chikhaldara is one of the delightful hill stations and the main coffee developing region in the state located at a height of 1118 meters in the Vidarbha locale. Chikhaldara is named after Keechaka, who was killed by Bhima and was tossed into this valley, named “dari” in Marathi. Loaded with natural life, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful surroundings, this city offering a plenty of biodiversity.

Activities: Nature Walk, Wildlife Sighting and Bird Watching.

Best Places to Visit:

1. Bhim kund: Bhima Kund is a spot of religious significance. Bhima killed Kichaka and toss his body in the valley called ‘Kichak Dara’ and her shower in the close-by lake, which is the prestigious as Bhim-Kund.

2. Narnala Fort: The Narnala fortress located on the hills of Satpura is really a group of three forts, to be specific Jafrabad , Aligarh and Narnala itself. This fort is of extraordinary chronicled significance, as it has seen numerous wars.

3. Panchbol Point: Situated near Bir Lake, Panchbol Point is a celebrated traveler spot in Chikhaldara and the principle speciality to fame of this point is that when somebody yells here, the sound is reflected back and heard five times. Henceforth, this spot is likewise eminent as the Five Echo Point or Panchbol Point.

4. Melaghat Tiger Reserve: Melghat Tiger reserve is amongst the popular tourist attractions in the region explored for its major habitat of tigers in their natural way. Covering a total area of 1676.93-sq-km, Melghat Tiger Reserve attracts a lot of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers from all round the world.

5. Hurricane Point: Hurricane Point is situated close to Governmnet garden at the southern area of the upper level of chikhaldara. The picturesque magnificence of the elevated mountains with rich widely varied vegetation can be seen from the Hurricane Point. The spot likewise offer stunning view of Mozari town, Vairat hills, Gawilgarh fort, and the colossal range of the under the hills side.

Some other major attractions here includes: Gawaligarh Fort, Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary, Amner Fort, Bir Lake, Kalpani Lake, Museums etc.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

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