Jatinga signifies ‘world famous’ is a popular Hill station known all over the world as “the valley of death for bird” which is covered with Blue Vandas Orchids. Additionally, Jatinga is a secretive spot where bunches of transitory winged animals are said to submit suicide in the middle of August and November. Jatinga is gone to by a huge number of fowls each year which allures a great many vacationers to visit and report the interesting marvel.

Activities: Bird Watching

Best Places to Visit:

Silchar: Silchar, the portal to economy to adjacent states of Mizoram and Manipur is today the headquarter of the locale of Cachar. Silchar, the island of peace is a settled serene city today. The magnificence of the spot is the changing shade of the sun beams at the back of the hill.

Shiva Temple: Shiva Temple or Bhubaneswar temple is located atop the Bhuvan Hills is a famous pilgrimage destination where pilgrims and devotees from all over the state come to offer their prayers. Besides, the spot is also a popular destination among vacationers.

Best Season To Visit: August to April