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Kohima Hill Station

Kohima is an amazingly delightful town located in the mIdst of rich green abundance of the nature. This beautiful hill station got its name from the Angami name “Kewhira” which implies the area where the blossom kewhri plants. The city of Kohima is prevalently a Naga town and mirrors their exceptional and fascinating tribal society of the northeast locale. The modern city of Kohima was built by the British to appreciate the eastern area and gives unhurried pace of life, quiet and tranquil environs and unpolluted air, which roll out an appreciated change for a depleted city sniffers.

Activities: Camping, Trekking etc.

Best Places To Visit:

1. War Cemetery: War Cemetery is an important historical site committed to warriors of the second British Division of the Allied Forces who passed on during the Japanese Invasion in the Second World War at Kohima. This burial ground contains around 1420 province funerals, which have stone markers on them.

2. Khonoma: Khonoma is normally an Angami-Naga town which is roughly 700 years of age and is spread over a land of 123 Popular for its dense forests and unique kind of agriculture, including a percentage of the oldest terraced cultivation in the district; the town of Khonoma ranging from tender slants o steep and rough slopes.

3. Tuophema: Tuophema, awarded as the old legacy town by the state Government, is known for its excellent surroundings with serenity. This spot attracts numerous guests again and again.

4. Japfu Peak: Perched on a height of around 3.048 meters, Japfu Peak offers stunning view of the encompassed region and undoubtedly is an eye-catching place. Japfu Peak is a heaven for photographers and for trekkers.

5. Kohima Museum: Kohima Museum showcasing the various tribal habitats and cultural societies of Nagaland with a percentage of the antique creations, which fit in with the tribes inhabiting the locale. The Museum is worth a visit while in Kohima to know about the city more from deep inside.

Some other great places to explore are: Dzukou Valley, Bara Basti, Cathedral of Reconciliation, Ruzaphema, Zoological Park, Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

Best Places To Visit: October to May

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