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Matheran Hill Station

Matheran is an amazing Asia’s smallest hill station that provides stunning view of the Sahyadri ranges, bird’s eye view of the lights of Mumbai city. Loaded with profound forests, shimmering waterfalls and various peak points, the magnificence of this eco friendly hill station gets multiplied during rainy season. Matheran is a beautiful vehicle-free peaceful hill station far from the buzzing of the city. In short, it is a perfect spot to spend the holidays leisurely.

Activities: Horse Riding, Trekking, Parasailing and Shopping.

Best Places to Visit:

1. Echo Point: As the name suggests, Echo point is the place where one can hear the echoes of the scream and yells from the mountains. The mountain offers a pleasant view to one’s eyes.

2. Charlotte Lake: Charlotte Lake is a popular picnic spot, which is also referred as Sharlott Lake. The water body is the primary source of drinking water in the Matheran town and adjacent region. An ancient Pisarnath Temple to the right of the lake is also an attraction.

3. Louisa Point: Louisa point is the major sightseeing destination for the tourists and nature lovers. The visitors gather to witness the fabulous sunset at this point.

4. Panorama Point: Panorama point has the the most spectacular view and is a popular place to watch the sun rise. This famous tourist spot offers picturesque views of the the Western Ghats and the lush plains dotted with villages far below.

5. One Tree Hill Point: One Tree Point or One Tree Hill is a popular site among tourists, which is a distinct spot with a single Jambhul tree situated at the top.

Other major tourist attractions are: Alexander Point, Garbut Point, Hart Point, Porcupine (sunset) Point, Troy Train etc.

Best Time to Visit: January to May and October to December

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