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Panhala Hill Station

Panhala is an excellent hill station located at a brilliant height of 3177 feet above the sea level which offers stunning and marvelous view of the valley. The town is popular for the fort connected with Maratha King Shivaji and its pleasant atmosphere. The Ascent and fall of Maratha kingdom reflects old world charm and past glory of the town which is dotted with various ancient buildings and fortifying walls. The beautiful view of the mountains from here is an incredible sight but is lost to fog for very nearly six months a year.

Activities: Trekking, Boating, Go Kart Racing etc.

Best Places to Visit:

1. Panhala Fort: Built back in between 1178 AD to 1209 AD, the Panhala Fort lies in the Deccan Plateau is the oldest and the biggest fort which has an immense historical importance due to the fact that ‘Shivaji Rao’,the great ruler of Maratha kingdom stay over there for a period of over one year.

2. Sajja Kothi: Built by Mohammedans in 1008 AD, Sajjan Kothi at Panhala is a noteworthy vacation destination renowned for the very fact that when Siddi Johar, an impressive Bijapur General, attacked Panhala, Shivaji deceived the general by getting away from the window of Sajja Kothi while a courageous stalwart Shiva Kashid camouflaged as Shivaji fought the rage of the general. This exceptionally intriguing tale connected to this landmark makes this spot extremely acclaimed.

3. Sunset Point: Sunset Point is a perfect point to witness the panoramic view of setting sun. Situated at northern end of the town, this small fort attracts numerous tourists to view the scenic sunset.

4. Parashar Caves: Parashar Caves, additionally called as Moropant, is thought to be the holy caves that were accepted to be the abode of Maharishi Parashara. The story of these caverns is said in the Karvir Puran as a “tirths” inferring blessed waters.

5. The Empress Botanical Garden: Blessed with scenic lawns,giant trees and a wonderful entryway, the Empress Botanical Garden is an amazing excursion spot perfect for family picnics and hangout with companions. Horse riding and boating is the major fascination of this Garden.

Some other great attractions here are: Ambarkhana Fort, Teen Darwaza, Ambabai Temple etc.

Best Season to Visit: October to January

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