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Nelliyampathy Hill Station

Nelliyampathy hill range is located near Palakkad and boasts numerous coffee, tea and cardamom ranches. Covered with valleys and lush green forests, Nelliyampathy is a perfect traveler destination exclusively known for their rich variety of flora and fauna. The hill station gives huge number of opportunities to trekkers and voyage buffs. The beautiful excellence and pleasant surroundings makes it an impeccable spot to spend get-aways far away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Activities: Trekking, Wildlife Sighting etc.

Best Places to Visit:

Pothundy Reservoir: Situated near Nelliyampathy, Pothundy Reservoir is a cheif fascination built on the Meenchadyppuzha and Padippuzha tributaries of the River Ayalar. The spot is known for its satisfying and serene spot. The magnificence of this spot can be experienced while boating.

Seetharkundu Viewpoint: Seetharkundu Viewpoint is believed to be the place where Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman and Goddess Sita rested during their exile. A close-by scenic destination from here, Seetharkundu Waterfall is known for quickly falling water from a stature of 30 m and is worth a visit.

Nelliyampathy Hill: Known for its lovely coffee, tea, cardamom and orange plantations, the Nelliyampathy Hill is a great destination offers a perfect perspective of Palakkad and is a wonderful site to visit.

Nemmara: The village of Nemmara is located near Nelliyampathy which been partitioned into two sections namely Nemmara and Vallangi. The town is popular for the celebration of Vela Festival, also called as the Nemmara-Vallangi Vela Festival.

Padagiri: Padagiri, also known as Nellikota is a popular tourist destination situated at a height of 1500 meters above the sea level and said to be one of the tallest crest of the Nelliyampathy Hills. It is an exceptionally well known outing destination of this region enveloped in dazzling teak ranches.

Some other major tourist destinations here: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Malampuzha Gardens, Raja’s Cliff, Palagapandi Estate etc.

Best Season: September to May

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