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Toranmal Hill Station

Encompassed by Satpura Hills, the hill station of Toranmal is situated at an elevation of 1461 m over the sea level that offers cool, tranquil and lovely atmosphere. Toranmal is an immaculate destination to set down in the lap of nature for one who wish to enjoy a reprieve from the uproarious environment of the urban areas. This Hill station draws in huge vacationers because of its tranquil magnificence and quietness in nature.

Activities: Nature Walk

Best Places to Visit:

1. Gorakhnath Temple: Devoted to Lord Shiva, the Gorakhnath Temple is popular for the amazing procession which held over there on the day of Maha Shivratri. This temple pulls enormous number of devotees and vacationers on this day. Besides, there is a temple of Nagarjuna which is additionally an awesome spot to visit.

2. Lotus Lake: Lotus Lake, also called Kamal Talao, is a lovely incredible sight which surrounded with an a lot of charming lotus blooms. A stream starting from this lake streams into the Sita Khai introducing a brilliant sight of waterfall.

3. Yashwanth Lake: Yaswanth Lake is a delightful natural lake with an altitude of 1040 m over the sea level that excites the sightseers with its greenery surroundings and shimmering waters.

4. Machindranath Cave: Machindranath Cave is a natural form cavern that head towards the Machindranath Mandir and the Markandeya Seat. This site is accepted to be the meditating spot of Sage Machindranath and is a prevalent vacationer spot.

5. Sita Khai: Sita Khai is a delightful valley and gets its name from Seedha Khai. The waterfall at this site is a prime fascination. This site is additionally well known among the guests for its echo point.

Some other great attractions are: Aawashabari Point, Sunset Point, Coffee Garden, Check Dam, Nagarjun Point,  Sat Payari(Seven Steps)View Point and Forest Park & Medicinal Plant Garden

Best Time To Visit: March to April

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