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Ukhrul Hill Station

Ukhrul is a fantasy destination known all around the nation for its grand mountain ranges, green meadows, sparkling waterfalls, shimmering rivers and dazzling lakes. Famous as the land of Tangkhul Nagas, the hill station is known for its exceptional kind of land lily, the Siroi Lily, that grows on the Siroi Hills at an altitude of 8,500 ft above the sea level. Here, one can get more than simply visual joy as the hill station offers plenty of wonderful attractions.

Activities: Nature Walk, Trekking, Hiking etc.

Places to Visit in Ukhrul:

1. Shirui Kashung Peak: Shirui Kashong Peak is popularly known peak situated at the height of 2,835 m above the sea level. This peak is one of the best slopes found for the origination of some of the most major rivers.

2. Khangkhui Cave: The Khangkhui Cave is simply a natural limestone cave which is called as the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave locally. From this cave, many archaeologists have found various important artifacts built back during the Paleolithic culture.

3. Khayang Peak: Positioned at an altitude of 3,114 m above the sea level, the Khayang Peak is the highest peak in the region which is an ideal trekking spot according to the topography. Here from the top, the peak offers stunning view of the encompassed village areas and mountain regions.

4. Shirui: Named after F Kingdom Ward, the famous British Botanist who in 1948 found the uniqueness of the lily bloom is the home to world famous Siroi Lily (Lilium Mackliniae). As per some other source, it is said that KashongTimrawon is likewise a protective spirit which lives on the now called Shirui Peak.

5. Ango Ching: Located close to Sanalok (Chamu) River, Ango Ching is a forest region spread over a total area of 150 sq. Kms. at the east of Urkhul city. The zone is generally out of reach with a troublesome landscape and in this manner stayed untouched as virgin timberland and structured a characteristic natural surroundings for a substantial number of uncommon and indigenous widely varied vegetation.

Some other great places of interest here are: Shirui Kashung Peak, Khangkhui Mangsor (cave), Kachouphung Lake, Hundung Mangva Cave, Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake etc.

Best Season to Visit: During Summers

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