Top 7 Hill Station Alternative in Bihar

Located in the Nalanda district, Rajgir is a historic city surrounded by lush green hills. It is renowned for its hot springs, ancient ruins, and religious significance for Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus.


Also known as Apapuri, it is an important Jain pilgrimage site in Bihar. The picturesque town is famous for the Jal Mandir, a white marble temple situated in the middle of a large pond.


Situated in the West Champaran district, Valmiki Nagar is a wildlife sanctuary and a beautiful forested region. It is home to diverse flora and fauna, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

Valmiki Nagar

One of the oldest and historically significant cities in Bihar, Vaishali is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. The city has archaeological sites and monuments that attract tourists and pilgrims alike.


Famous for its intricate Madhubani paintings, this town offers a unique cultural experience. The Mithila Art Institute here is a great place to explore and learn about this traditional art form.


Though not a hill station, Bodh Gaya is a highly revered place for Buddhists worldwide. It is where Gautama Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. The Mahabodhi Temple and the serene atmosphere draw pilgrims and travelers seeking spiritual solace.

Bodh Gaya

While not a hill station, Nalanda is an ancient center of learning and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The ruins of the Nalanda University are a significant historical and archaeological attraction.