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Kalka Shimla Mountain Railway
kalka shimla mountain railway

Kalka Shimla Mountain Railway

Kalka Shimla Mountain Railway

The Kalka–Shimla Railway is 762 mm narrow track railway line in North-West India. It is famously known for its mountain railway tracks and the facsinating and breathtaking views of the hills and surrounding villages and locations.

History: Shimla was established by the White Men after their first Anglo-Gurkha war. It is located in the foothills of the Himalayas at 7,116 feet. In 1864, Shimla bacame the summer capital of britishers in India. Later it also bacame the Army Headquaters of Britishers in India. The railway track was constructed on a 610mm. The estimated cost of establishment of the track was Rs 86,78,500, however, Later the cost doubled during execution of the project. This railway track of 96.54 km was opened for the run in 1903. In 1905, this railway line was again laid according to India War Department to 762 mm. Later in 2007, the team of UNESCO World Heritage Site came to India to explore this magical mountain railway. After visiting and exploring this wonderfull railway line UNESCO added Kalka-Shimla Mountain railway in their Wolrd Heritage Site list.

Route: This railway was built to connect Kalka with Shimla, the summer capital of India druing the British Raj. Later, Shimla became the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This mountain railway offers a spectacular scenery along the tracks and the marvels of its constructions between mountains and tunnels. These all qualities make tourist speechless. After leaving Kalka, 656 meters above the sea level, this railway track enters the foothill and commences its climb to the mountain.

Infrastructure: This railway line contains 864 bridges. Bridge No. 493, which is historically known as the “Arch Gallery” is situated between Kandaghat and Kanoh stations is an arch bridge in three stages, constructed with stone masonry. Bridge No. 226 which is between Sonwara and Dharampur is an arch gallery bridge having 5 tier galleries of multiple spans, constructed with stone masonry and bridging a deep valley surrounded by high peaks.


Destination covered in this Tour:

Kalka-Dharampur-Kumarhatti-Barog-Solan-Salogra-Kandaghat-Shoghi-Taradevi-Jutogh-Summer Hill-Shimla

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