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Odisha, initially called as Orissa, is situated in the eastern region of India. Formerly known as Kalinga, Koshala, and Utkala, the state of Odisha presents harmonious mix of ancient past and present era. The state is stacked with sanctuaries, shorelines, sanctuaries, authentic monuments, scenic surroundings, and beautiful scenes which helps it making an immaculate traveler destination.

Capital : Bhubaneswar
Area Rank :
Official language :
Population Rank :
Literacy :
Bordered By :
Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Odisha:

The Konark Sun Temple: Situated in the Konark town of Odisha , the Konark Sun Temple is an UNESCO World Heritage Site known for the perfectly carved stone. The Konark Sun Temple is a thirteenth century Hindu Temple constructed by King Narasimhadeva to devoted it to Lord Shiva. A total seven horses and twenty four wheels conveying the Sun God are depicted in the colossal temple.

→Location: Puri, Odisha, India
→Built in: 13th century
→Built By: King Narasimhadeva
→Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in: 1984

Mayadevi Temple: Mayadevi Temple is located toward the south-west of the Konark Sun Temple, who is accepted to have been one of the wives of Lord Surya. However, according to the proof it is expected that the temple is of Lord Surya himself. Stading over a high plinth, the temple involves a sanctum and a patio which are called deul and Jagmohana respectively.

Vaishnava Temple: Confronting the east in the south-west of Temple no. 2, the Vaishnava Temple whose superstructure is missing was found in 1956. The temple comprises of a sanctum and a porch which are called deul and a Jagamohana respectively.

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