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The very first planned city of India Chandigarh is known to be named after the goddess Chandi Devi. This city was planned by the very famous French architect Le Corbusier and he has made it a point to develop buildings, parks and other roads and streets in just a line and has also a lot of area planned for the rows of trees and other shrubs around. The best season in which you can visit this place is between the mid of august to September.

There are many different places here which you will come across and are actually worth visiting. The first on the list is the Capitol complex. Amongst the few must visit places this is a monumental Capitol Complex located at Sector 1. This place is said to be dominating the skyline of the city. The places which are to be visited in this Capitol complex of Chandigarh are the three important buildings of the Secretariat, the Assembly, and lastly the High Court. Between the figures of these massive edifices you will come across the most popular symbol of the city that is the Open Hand.

c in Sector 1is one other site visit is a great recreation spot for all those people who love and are also fond of nature. This lake is spread over a real large area and you will also come across an artificial dam which is a seasonal stream. A 2-km-long boardwalk which is near to the lakeshore is also one prominent place which can be visited in Chandigarh by the visitors.

One other tourist place in Chandigarh is the best leisure valley. It appears to be like a necklace for the complete city of Chandigarh as it is spread from one end to the other end of the city. One of the largest in Asia is The Rose Garden of Sector 16. It is spread over the area of 25 hectares. Here at this garden you will find the best quality of roses that are in different shapes and colors and varieties too. The Garden of Tranquillity, Garden of Rare Plants, Garden of Annuals, the Bougainvillea Garden, Botanical Garden, and the Garden of Aromatic Plants are also a few other parks in Chandigarh city which you can take up a look at.

A few other places here that you can see and visit are the Open Hand, The Rock Garden, Sector 17 and much more

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