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Mount Abu is the one and only hill station in the Rajasthan state. It is situated at an altitude of approximately 12,220 meters above sea level. Mount Abu was once upon a time considered a part of the Chauhan kingdom but while the Britisher ruled it then served as the British headquarters. Mount Abu is the only place in Rajasthan which is known for its flora and fauna and natural beauty. It is also a sacred place for the Jains as well as the Hindus. Mount Abu is also known by various other names like ‘Saints Pinnacle’, ‘Hill of Wisdom’ etc. The time worth visiting this beautiful place is February to June and September to December.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a very splendid and historic place where you can occupy your days by visiting places of interest. Some of them are-

Dilwara temple- this temple is the sacred place of the Jains and is separated into five parts and each part depicts different gods. The temple is so beautifully carved that no temple in the whole of Rajasthan can even stand close to it in respect of the architectural base. This magnificent temple was built between the 11th and the 13th century.

Nakki Lake- as the name says, this lake is believed to have been dug by the gods with the help of their fingernails. It is considered to be the heart of Mount Abu as it is situated right in the middle. The scenic lake is surrounded by mountains and rock formations which add to its beauty. It is the only artificial lake in India.

Achalgarh Fort is also a place worth visiting which is the evidence of the medieval period. The impressive hill station also has its famous viewpoints like the sunset and honeymoon just like the other hill stations. One of the signature activities of this place too is its horse rides.

About Mount Abu

Nestled amidst the picturesque Aravalli Range in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, Mount Abu stands as a serene oasis of natural beauty and spiritual serenity. It is the only hill station in Rajasthan, offering respite from the scorching desert heat and a refreshing escape into lush greenery and cooler temperatures.

At an elevation of 1,220 meters above sea level, Mount Abu boasts a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a popular destination for tourists seeking relief from the summer heat and a tranquil retreat during the winter months. Its cool climate and scenic landscapes have earned it the moniker "The Oasis in the Desert."

Mount Abu is not only a haven for nature lovers but also a significant pilgrimage site with a rich cultural heritage. The centerpiece of the town is the stunning Dilwara Temples, renowned for their exquisite marble carvings and intricate architecture. These Jain temples, dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries, are a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a symbol of Jain devotion.

Apart from its religious significance, Mount Abu offers a myriad of attractions and activities for visitors to explore. The Nakki Lake, surrounded by lush green hills and dotted with scenic viewpoints, is a popular spot for boating and leisurely strolls along its promenade. The sunset point and the Honeymoon Point offer breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and are perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in trekking, rock climbing, and rappelling at the nearby Guru Shikhar peak, the highest point in the Aravalli Range. Wildlife enthusiasts can explore the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including rare species like the Indian leopard and sloth bear.

In addition to its natural and cultural attractions, Mount Abu is also famous for its vibrant markets, offering a variety of handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. Visitors can sample the local cuisine, which reflects a blend of Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Jain influences, and savor delicious delicacies like dal baati churma and kachoris.

With its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and spiritual significance, Mount Abu offers a rejuvenating experience for travelers seeking solace in the lap of nature. Whether exploring its ancient temples, embarking on adventurous treks, or simply unwinding amidst its tranquil surroundings, Mount Abu promises an unforgettable journey for all who visit.


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Travel Tips

Are you planning your visit to India! We are here to make your journey more exciting and enriching experience. Still you have to be prepared for the unique challenges and cultural differences you may encounter here. Below are some tips that will make your India visit more enjoyable and hassle-free:


Research and Plan Ahead: India is a country where you find a vast diversity everywhere including it’s a rich history and culture. So it is really important to research your destinations, attractions, and local customs before you finalize your trip.


Obtain Necessary Documentation Before starting your trip make sure you have double checked your all required documents including a valid passport, visa, and any other permits or certifications required for your specific activities or destinations.


Pack Accordingly Try to pack lightweight luggage with comfortable clothing which is suitable for the climate and culture of destination or place you are visiting. Also include some essential like sunscreen, insect repellent, and any prescription if you are medications.


Stay Hydrated and Eat Wisely: Try to eat healthy food and only drink clean water(Bottled water recommended). Try food only from reputable street food vendors or restaurants and consume freshly cooked items to avoid food poisoning.


Stay Safe: In general India is safe for tourists, but it is necessary to remain vigilant in crowded area or streets markets where petty theft and scams can occur. It is also suggestable to keep your belongings wisely and avoid interacting with strangers.:


Respect Local Customs and Traditions: India has cultural diversity various customs and traditions. Here, it is advisable to respect the local custom and dress modestly, and follow the religious or cultural practices like removing your shoes before entering temples or mosques.:


Use Reliable Transportation: It is highly recommended to opt for reputable transportation options like pre-paid taxis along with driver, trains, or well-known ride-sharing services to ensure safety and reliability.


Bargain Wisely: You are visiting India then you must try street shopping, but it is also necessary to bargain before buying from street vendors. You must negotiate with them politely and be ready to walk away if the price seems high.


Stay Connected: Before visiting you must activate an international roaming plan to stay connected during your trip. This will also help you in navigation, communication, and emergencies.


Embrace the Chaos: While visiting India, you make experience the chaotic, noisy, and overwhelming at times, but it’s come with a new experience and add value in your trip. Try to embrace the lively energy and variant culture that make India truly unique.

By following above tips, you can have a pleasing and memorable experience exploring the diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of India.

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Our FAQ's

No permits are required to visit Mount Abu. However, if you plan to explore nearby wildlife sanctuaries or tribal areas, check for any permit requirements beforehand.

The top attractions in Mount Abu include Dilwara Temples, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and Achalgarh Fort.

Yes, Mount Abu is generally safe for tourists. However, exercise caution in crowded areas and avoid venturing into isolated areas, especially at night.

The local cuisine in Mount Abu offers a variety of Rajasthani dishes like dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and kachoris. Don't miss trying the local sweets like ghevar and malpua.