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Jodhpur which is also known as the ‘Sun City’ is the second-largest city of Rajasthan state of India. The name Sun City is given to Jodhpur as the weather here is always very sunny and bright for 365 days. Jodhpur is a very popular destination amongst the tourist because of its scenic and exquisite beauty and lies in the centre of Rajasthan.

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The Sun City is famous for its beautiful royal palaces, rich cuisine, the forts, temples and the various festivals that are celebrated in the city amongst the tourists. This city is highly recommended by the tourism department of India. Every tourist who visits Jodhpur would surely love to experience the tasty and rich food that Jodhpur is famous for.

To name a few food items like the Mawa Kachori, Dal Bati Churma etc are a few of them which one would surely gorge on when in the city. There are also many temples which also add to the beauty of Jodhpur. To name a few are the Siddhant Shiv temple and Baba Ramdeo temple which symbolizes the divine beauty of the country. The Siddhant Shiv temple is famous for the stairs that are made by cutting rocks and is the only stairs that go up to the temple.

The Sun City is also famous for its kite festival that is celebrated for almost three days and is world-famous. It is known as the Jodhpur international desert kite festival. another famous thing that one would surely love to visit is the fort. The city has many beautiful and historic forts namely the Mehrangarh fort, Rai ka bag palace, Umaid Bhavan and Jaswant Thada are a few of the most famous forts one can visit while in the city. Mehrangarh Fort which is the most beautiful and the largest of all the forts is the most magnificent architectural building. Because of its old architectural style and the seven gates of the fort that one has to cross to reach the fort it has become the most visited place by the tourists.

Another such attraction of Jodhpur is the Umaid Bhavan which is the oldest of palaces there and is regarded as a heritage building. It was named after the maharaja of Jodhpur named Maharaja Umaid Singh. The reason for building this palace was to provide people with employment then. It also has a Throne Room which has a library, swimming pool and also a tennis court. The palace is now converted into a hotel and is also regarded as one of the oldest museums in India.

The city is regarded as a very safe one, unlike the others.

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