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Palitana, Gujarat 364270, India

Palitana Travel Destinations

Palitana, one of the greatest Jain pilgrimages, is about 50 kms away from Bhavnagar. It is also called as a city of temples. This Teerth is located on Shatrunjay Hill. In order to visit this teerth people need to climb this mountain and then they will get the sight of enlightening Shri Aadeshwar Bhagwan, who is the first Thirthankars of Jains among the twenty four. The Shatrunjay Hill is decorates with about 3500 temples of Shri Aadinath Bhawan, Sampriti Raj and many more Jain Thirthankars. Palitana was earlier called as Padliptapur and the Sharunjay Hill was names as Pundarikgiri. This place was established long back in 11th century and since then it has been renovated 16 times. The last renovation was done in late 15th century in year 1587.

Monuments / Historical Places / Sightseeing in Palitana

One will get to hear lots of stories because of the different temples located here. The Shatrunjay hill is the must visited place of Palitana. It is said that Shri Aadinath Bhagwan crossed this massive mountain in just three steps and this is how temple was made on these three steps. On the start of your journey to this hill you will have a small temple named Taleti where you can find the foot steps of Shri Adinath Bhagwan. After this you can reach the next step that is the peak of the mountain by climbing 3800 steps. In between this journey you will find lots of temples to bow down before reaching the main temple. And then to reach the third step which is the Getti you will again have to climb down the other side of the mountains. This journey is a very difficult one and therefore not many are able to do it. The steps made to climb this hill are good and do not hurt the people.

Apart from the Shantrunjay Hill, Palitana is also famous for the Angar Pir. Angar Pir is a holy shrine of Muslims built in 14th century when the muslims invaded this hill. Women who are not able to conceive a child comes to this Pir to get blessed. You will find lots of small cradles here.

You can also visit Kumar Pal temple, Chaumukh Shrine, Vimal Shah Temple, , Smriti Raj Temple and also the Baazar temple.

Tourists Attractions

Palitana Tourist Places

Shatrunjay hill
Angar Pir
Kumar Pal Temple
Chaumukh Shrine
Vimal Shah Temple

The nearest airport to Palitana is Bhavnagar airport. The nearest railways station is Bhavnagar station. You have great facilities from the airport as well as railway station. Lot of public transportation is available here. You also have an option to hire a private vehicle to Palitana as they a good roadways facility.

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Attractions of Palitana

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