Amrit Udyan (Mughal Garden Delhi), Ticket Price, Entry Timing, Booking

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Amrit Udyan (Mughal Garden Delhi), Ticket Price, Entry Timing, Booking

Mughal Garden Delhi/Amrit Udyan

The Mughal Garden, located in the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi, India, has been renamed Amrit Udyan in 2020.  As you know the city of Delhi is part of the Golden Triangle India, and this makes you visit Mughal Garden now known as Amrit Udyan. The Mughal Garden Delhi, also known as Amrit Udyan, is a mesmerizing oasis of lush greenery and colorful flowers tucked away in the heart of India's bustling capital city.

As soon as you step inside this horticultural wonderland, you're transported into a world of pure serenity and natural beauty. Every inch of the gardens has been meticulously designed to create an atmosphere that's both calming and invigorating at the same time. The fragrant scent of blooming roses fills the air while exotic birds flit from tree to tree overhead. You can stroll along winding pathways lined with manicured topiary or relax on one of many benches scattered throughout the garden's various themed areas. No matter where your adventure takes you within these stunning grounds, there's always something new to discover or admire - whether it be an elegant water fountain bubbling peacefully in a hidden corner or a towering canopy providing much-needed shade on a hot summer day. If you're looking for an escape from the chaos and noise of modern life, then Amrit Udyan should definitely be at the top of your list!

Amrit Udyan: Rashtrapati Bhavan's Mughal Gardens, now

Mughal Gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughal emperors in the Indian subcontinent. These gardens are historically important and represent the rich culture and history of the Mughal period. They are typically characterized by their large enclosed spaces, ornamental fountains, and raised pathways. The gardens are often laid out in the Mughal style of formal garden design, with symmetrical elements and a strong emphasis on geometry. They are typically laid out in a quadrilateral or rectangular design, with a central pool or fountain and radiating pathways. The gardens often contain a variety of plants and flowers, such as roses, jasmine, and marigolds. Some Mughal gardens also have terraces and pavilions, which are often decorated with intricate carvings and frescoes.

Mughal Garden New Name

The name change was made as part of the government's initiative to rename iconic sites and landmarks in the country. Amrit Udyan is a symbol of the nation's rich cultural heritage, and it is a tribute to the many rulers, artists, and architects who contributed to the development of the garden. The garden is renowned for its stunning Mughal architecture, which includes intricate carvings, fountains, and gardens. The Amrit Udyan is open to the public and is a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Why Mughal Garden Rename as Amrit Udyan?

The Mughal Garden in New Delhi, India, was officially renamed Amrit Udyan on 28th January 2023 to pay tribute to the Indian soldiers who laid down their lives while defending and protecting the nation. The name Amrit Udyan was proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to the nation to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The garden has been designed in the traditional Mughal style, with a central grandeur, large fountains, and terraced lawns. The garden also houses several monuments dedicated to the martyrs of the nation.

Mughal Garden Delhi at President House is going to open for the public as a part of "Udyanotsav" Check how to reach this famous tourist attraction.

mughal garden delhi

This garden is spread over 15 acres. During the visit to the garden, visitors have to follow Covid-19 protocols such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and so on.

Mughal Garden Delhi Ticket Price

mughal garden delhi ticket

The ticket price for Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan depends on the type of ticket purchased. The entry fee is free for the general public and children. The entry fee for senior citizens is also free.

Mughal Garden Delhi Timings

mughal garden delhi timings

The Mughal Garden is open to visitors from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm every day. During certain times of the year, the gardens may also be closed for maintenance.

On Which Day Mughal Garden Is Closed

Every Monday

mughal garden delhi opening

Mughal Garden Delhi Entry

From Gate 35 of President's Estate, close to the spot where North Avenue meets Rashtrapati Bhavan.

How to Book Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan Ticket? 

mughal garden delhi ticket price

  • Mughal Garden and Amrit Udyan tickets can be booked online or in person at the ticket counter. 
  • For online booking, visit the official website of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India at
  • Select the date of your visit and click on the “Book Now” button. You will then be prompted to enter your personal details and make a payment to complete the booking process.
  • For in-person booking, visit the ticket counter at the Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan and purchase the tickets.


The visitor will be able to visit Bonsai Garden, Spiritual Garden, Musical Garden, and Herbal Garden.

How to Reach Mughal Garden Delhi

mughal garden delhi opening time

Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan can be reached by taking a local bus, auto-rickshaw, or taxi from any part of Delhi. The nearest metro station is Central Secretariat, which is approximately 1.2 km away.

But the best way to reach Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan is by booking a private taxi. You can book your private taxi from or a direct booking service also; the fare may depend upon the distance and the type of car you choose. Or you can also ask us to include the same in your Delhi sightseeing tour package. So you will not have to pay any extra for the same.

For route directions or how to reach Mughal Garden at President House by metro feel free to call Delhi Darshan from 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Identification Documents

Indian Nationals should carry government-issued original valid identification proof and Foreigners should carry an original valid passport.

Types of Flowers in Mughal Garden

  1. 10,000 Tulips.
  2. 5,000 Dahlias.
  3. 138 Varieties of Roses.
Quirky Flower Names
  1. "Mother Teresa" is a Chrysanthemum.
  2. "Red Pinocchio" is a Rose.
  3. "Delhi Princess" is also a Rose.
  4. "President Pranab" is a Pale Yellow and Orange Rose.
American Connected Names
  1. Memorial Day
  2. 4th of July
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Pasadena
  5. Louisiana

mughal garden delhi location

Delhi one day tour by car is always an interesting experience; just plan it nicely before exploring the capital of India.

Our FAQ’s

Is Mughal Garden Delhi/Amrit Udyan entry free?

Yes, the entry to Mughal Garden/Amrit Udyan is free. But visitors need to book a ticket in order to enter the garden from the official website.

The Mughal Garden will open to the public on February 12th, 2023. The public will have access to the Mughal Garden gate starting on February 12, 2023. The gate will close on March 16, 2023, according to the PM Modi Yojana's official website. Online ticket

The Mughal Garden has been renamed as

The best time to visit Mughal Garden is from November to March, when the weather is mild and pleasant. This is also when the garden is in full bloom and the flowers are in full bloom.

Mughal Garden or Amrit Udyan is closed on Monday only.

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