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Bharatpur Tour Package

This vacation let us plan to visit Bharatpur which is situated in Rajasthan and is also part of the National Capital Region of India. This ‘Eastern Gate of Rajasthan’ has a lot to disclose the secrets of history on Bharatpur Tour Package.

The Major Attraction: Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh fort was built in 18th century. There is a moat around the fort. The fort is big enough to have Government Museum inside it. The popularity of Lohagarh can be understood by the fact that Bharatpur is even called by the name of Lohagarh. Would you not like to go on Bharatpur Holiday Packages!

The most important thing is the literal translation of ‘Loha’ in English is ‘Iron’. The fort is made up of Iron. This is an amazing fact in itself. This fort was simply inaccessible. You will get to see on Bharatpur Travel Package that how does it look even when it sustained repeated attacks. There are three palaces in the fort: Kishori Mahal, Kothi Khas and Mahal Khas. There are 2 towers also: Fateh Burj and Jawahar Burj. There are big sized paintings of elephants on the Gateway. Just decide when you would like to keep Lohagarh Fort on Bharatpur Tour Itinerary, be it in the beginning or at the end; just make sure you do visit it.

Government Museum in Bharatpur

The museum has traditional stone sculptures. We all know making sculptures tone is not an easy task. we can see the kind of coins used earlier. The paintings of the royal people of those times and weapons with which they fought great struggles can be seen on Bharatpur Tour Package. The artefacts of local kings are exhibited in the museum which is a big attraction in itself. No one would like to miss the opportunity to go on Bharatpur Trip Package.

Statues of Gods

If you are little religious or pious kind of person, Bharatpur Holiday Packages have a lot to offer you. The city of Bharatpur has various statues of Hindu Gods in we move to the south direction. These are 3D carved statues. The city can also boast of Laxman Mandir. The temple of Ram and Sita are common but Laxman Mandir is a unique experience on Bharatpur Travel Package.

Keoladeo National Park

The city does not lag in natural beauty as well. There is Keoladeo National Park in the south. There are hundreds of species of birds in it. There is a lot of rush to see such rare species well maintained in the sanctuary. It is in fact counted as one of the major bird sanctuaries in India. This could be the best gift that Bharatpur Trip Package can give you. There are woods defining natural beauty and intensity. Surprisingly there are artificial wetlands in the well-maintained state. These wetlands protect more than 350 species. These species are both migratory and resident ones. The commonly seen birds are herons, eagles and cormorants. Please do put Fatehpur Sikri on Bharatpur Tour Itinerary. It is to the southeast. There are many temples made up of sandstone. It was built by Akbar in 16th century.

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