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Chittorgarh Tour Package

Chittorgarh, a city of Rajasthan now was once the former capital of the Sisodiya Rajput Dynasty of Mewar. Chittorgarh Travel Package will give you the chance to go to a city situated on 2 rivers, Gambhiri and Berach. Chittorgarh along with Nimbahera is known in the country for its cement factories. Besides cement factories, Chittorgarh Trip Package will also let you know about its fame because of marbles and granites. The most famous here is Chittorgarh fort. It is the largest fort in India as well as Asia.

Chittorgarh Fort

Let us know more about one of the factors of pride of Rajasthan. It is especially remembered for 3 invasions by the Muslims. Hindu rulers fought bravely against them and created historic moments of victory. The invasions took place in 1303, 1535 and 1567-1568. The Hindu rulers maintained their rule Chittorgarh fort successfully. Chittorgarh Tour Itinerary is definitely going to keep the visit to Chittorgarh fort at the top. Chittorgarh is also known and respected for the bravery of the women along with men. If in case, men got defeated the women made sure to commit suicide by burning themselves. It is called as ‘Jauhar’ in Hindi and self –immolation in English. We all remember Meera Bai, a great devotee to Lord Krishna. Chittor was the land of worship of Meera Bai.

Panna Dai is another famous name from Chittorgarh and will definitely attract you to Chittorgarh Tour Package. ‘Panna’ means ‘Emerald’, a diamond and ‘Dai’ means ‘Nurse’. She was the maid of Rani (Queen) Karnawati, wife of Maharana Sangram Singh. Panna Dai played a major role in helping the Queen in political matters in upbringing her sons namely Vikramaditya Singh and Udai Singh II. Panna Dai is known for breastfeeding Udai Singh along with her own son and last but not the least, for sacrificing her son’s life to save Udai Singh. Udai Singh was attacked by his uncle Bhanvir.

Kirti Stambha

Kirti Stambha is the next destination to be visited on Chittorgarh Tour Package. In English, it is the ‘Tower of Fame’. It is situated in Chittorgarh fort. Its height is 22m. Jeeja Bhagerwala built it in the 12th century. It was during the tenure of Rawal Kumar Singh. Jeeja was a Jain Merchant.

The other destination on Chittorgarh Holiday Packages must be Vijay Stambha. It is the ‘Tower of Victory’. Rana Kumbha built it in 1448. It is younger than Kirti Stambha. Rana Kumbha has his name written for winning against the combined army of Malwa and Gujarat under the leadership of Mahmud Khilji. The tower is dedicated to ‘Vishnu’.

The third comes on Chittorgarh Travel Package is Fort Reservoir. The purpose of the reservoir is to store water. The reservoir is big enough to fulfil the needs of the people living in it. on the 3 sides, it is covered by the walls of the fort. It looks beautiful.

So, plan the Chittorgarh Tour Itinerary well, to visit all the tourist spots of Chittorgarh; during Chittorgarh Trip Package and have a good collection of knowledge and memories.

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