Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in India

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Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites in India

Today, we talk about the Buddhist pilgrimage places of India because if you read the history of India then you should know how much of the pilgrim places this country has. That’s why a lot of pilgrim tourists come to visit India from across the world, so let me describe to you about some popular places of Buddhist, yes, as you know that the originates of Lord Buddha have begun from India. And here, you can pay respect to Lord Buddha when you visit India. If you do not select the Buddhist sites in your bucket list then do not worry because you can visit every time here and can also extend your Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages India trip.

And it will be interesting if you read the history of Lord Buddha when you will be started your trip to Buddhist sites. A lot of time ago, Prince Siddhartha visited an unknown way to search the answers to the senses of life, to look out the estimating. He began his trip from Nepal and prepared various stops in the midst of different places in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where lastly Siddhartha got information and changed into Lord Buddha.

All these popular destinations have viewed various and important tasks in Lord Buddha’s life right from getting of Nirvana to his first discourse on ‘dharma’ and lastly when he left his body form called the Parinirvana.

Here is included the list of places where the Lord Buddha’s resonates and miracles with the great Buddhist legacy, such as


The Bodhgaya is the place where Prince Siddhartha explored the answers to know about the sickness, aging, and death, and this place saw his revolution from Prince Siddhartha to Buddha- “The woke-up one”.

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The Bodhgaya city is popular for the Bodhi tree that is supposed to be the tree where the Gautama Buddha said to have got an explanation after three successive days and nights meditation.

The main attractions of Bodhgaya combine Dungeshwari caves, Bodhi tree, and the Mahabodhi temple complex that is also known as one of the popular temples in India. And the Mahabodhi temple is also adorned by the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

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Sarnath place is situated just 13 km far away from Varanasi and Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha sent his first sermon that is known as Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta after getting the explanation.

Sarnath is one of the most popular attractive places for sincere supporters of Buddhism. And the stupa at Sarnath is one of the most popular monuments that pushing Buddhism. And it is also that place where the popular Buddhist hymn “Buddham Sharnam Gacchami” made.


Khushinagar is situated in the district of Uttar Pradesh that is also popular as one of the most beautiful Buddhist pilgrimage places in India.

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This city is temporarily said in Ramayana epic that explains where King Kusha, the son of Lord Ram, placed the substance stone of this city. And the Khushinagar has a lot of popularity for Buddhist pilgrims as Tathagata blew his last here at the age of eighty years.

The 3rd and 5th century is still explored alive in the grounds of its oldest town of various Buddhist viharas and stupas. And the most popular attraction of this town is the temple of Parinirvana that has the amazing statue of Buddha in a resting place.


One of the oldest Indian cities that obtained popularity amid the life-time of Lord Buddha that’s why it becomes the must-visit destination for all Buddhist pilgrims.

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People say that the city was popular named after the historic King Shravasta. And the city is popular for playing swarm to Gautama Buddha for 25 rainy periods and addressed the biggest number of instructions and sermons.

And the city is spotted with ruins and relics of a lot of various and oldest monasteries and stupas where Ananda Bodhi tree and Jetvana Monastery are the must-visit attraction for all pilgrims.

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