Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer - Hire Car Private Driver 30% OFF

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Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer - Hire Car Private Driver 30% OFF

Tanot Mata Temple, Jaisalmer

Tanot Mata Temple is a religious shrine located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Tanot Mata, a form of the Hindu goddess Durga. The temple is believed to be more than 2000 years old and is known for its miraculous powers. It is believed that the temple was built by the Bhati Rajputs of Jaisalmer to protect the city from the attacks of Mughal rulers. According to local legends, the temple is said to have saved the city from enemy attacks numerous times when the forces of Jaisalmer fired missiles at the temple, the missiles are said to have miraculously bounced back and destroyed the enemy forces. This temple is also known for its unusual architecture, as it is built in the shape of a pyramid. The temple is also a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus and is visited by thousands of devotees every year.

Tanot Mata Mandir, Jaisalmer

Tanot Mata Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the Thar Desert, near the international border between India and Pakistan. The Temple is known for its legendary miracle during the 1965 Indo-Pak war when the Pakistani army is said to have dropped hundreds of bombs around the temple, yet none exploded. This miracle is attributed to the Hindu goddess Tanot Mata, and the temple is now a popular pilgrimage destination and tourist attraction.

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History of Tanot Temple

Tanot Mata Mandir located in the village of Tanot in the Thar Desert, near the India-Pakistan border in the state of Rajasthan, India. The temple is believed to have been built in the 15th century by the Bhati Rajputs of Jaisalmer. Legend has it that during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Pakistani forces were on their way to attack the temple, when an Indian soldier had a vision of the deity of the temple, Tanot Mata, who instructed him to install her "Aasan", or seat, outside the temple and she would protect the temple from being attacked. The soldier followed the goddess' instructions and the Pakistani forces retreated without attacking the temple. Since then, the temple is believed to be protected by Tanot Mata. The temple is still visited by devotees from both India and Pakistan, who offer their prayers and seek the blessings of Tanot Mata.

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The Miracle in 1965 War

The 1965 War between India and Pakistan is an important event in India's history. One of the key battles of the war took place near the Tanot Mata Temple, located near the international border in the Thar Desert. The temple is said to have been built in the 16th century and is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Tanot Mata.

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The temple became a symbol of courage and bravery during the 1965 war. The Pakistan Army was determined to capture the temple, but Indian soldiers stationed at the temple refused to surrender. The Indian soldiers put up a brave fight for over three days, despite the heavy shelling from Pakistani forces.

The locals believed that the Goddess Tanot Mata was protecting them, as no one was killed or even injured in the battle. Miraculously, all the bombs fired by the Pakistani army landed in front of the temple and did not explode. Many people today believe that it was the miracle of Tanot mata that saved the temple and the lives of the Indian soldiers.

The temple still stands today and is a popular tourist attraction. Every year, thousands of pilgrims visit the temple to pay their respects to the Goddess and to thank her for her divine intervention. The miracle of Tanot Mata is a reminder of the courage and valor of the Indian soldiers and a testament to the strength of faith in India.

Timings and Entry

The Tanot Mata Temple is open all days of the week. The temple is open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm and entry is free.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tanot Mata Mandir is during the months of October to March. During this time the temperature is cooler, making it more comfortable to explore the temple complex. The months of November and December are especially popular because of the festivals and fairs that take place in the region during this time.

Near By Tanot Mata Temple

As you know Tanot Mata Mandir is located in Tanot Village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. It is situated near the Longewala post, about 120 km from Jaisalmer. Tanot Mata Temple is dedicated to Goddess Hinglaj Mata, a form of Goddess Durga.

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How to Reach Tanot Mata Temple?

The temple is located in Rajasthan. The closest airport is the Jaisalmer Airport which is located at a distance of about 14.7 km. The temple is also well connected by frequent buses and taxis from the nearby cities. The closest railway station is the Ramdevra Railway Station which is located at a distance of about 119.3 km. The temple can be conveniently reached by road.

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Our FAQ’s

Why is Tanot Mata Temple famous?

Tanot Mata Temple is famous for a miraculous incident that occurred during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. According to legend, the temple was showered with hundreds of bombs by Pakistani forces during the war, but none of them exploded. As a result, loca

Yes, you can visit the Tanot Mata temple. The temple is open to visitors and tourists all year round.

No, it is not possible to see the border from Longewala. Longewala is located approximately 10 km south of the India-Pakistan border.

The Tanot Mata mandir is located on the international border between India and Pakistan, approximately 10-15 km away.

No, it is not possible to visit the Pakistan border from Jaisalmer. The India-Pakistan border is located at a distance of over 3.8 km from Jaisalmer and it is not open for public visits.

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