Amazing Road Trip in India from Jaipur That You Shouldn’t Miss

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Amazing Road Trip in India from Jaipur That You Shouldn’t Miss

For those who discover joy in traveling offbeat, Road trips are the best ways to travel around and discover the life across diverse places. Whether in the east, west, north or south, India provides a plenitude of roads and destinations that make for enchanting road-trip. For amazing adventure tour packages India, here are some of the best road trips ideas from beautiful Pink city – Jaipur.  

1) Jaipur to Mumbai

Mumbai road trip Though, the distance might, in fact, put you off at the very outset. Once you start the journey it won’t take you long before every chop of doubt is cast aside. The roads (from Jaipur to Mumbai) on this side of NH 8 are better than those on the Delhi side. Since, this road passes through Gujarat state for a substantial chunk of it. You will be absolutely delighted to witness the local culture of the state on display. ‘Dhabas’ are aplenty on this route as there be a plenty of options to feed your belly and move on!  

2) Jaipur to Agra

jaipur to agra Agra is a living indication of the true love & compassion of mankind. It is home to as many as 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites – Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort. Meanwhile, a road trip from Jaipur to Agra on a motorbike is enough to relieve your furious nerves, as Agra is situated categorically on the Golden Triangle India tour. NH 11 is by far the best route while traveling to Agra from Jaipur.  

3) Jaipur to Mount Abu

jaipur to mount abu Mount Abu is a paradise for the traveler and has a number of offerings up its kitty. It is the only hill station in Rajasthan. However, you need to take the road trip 1st in order to be captivated by its scenic beauty. The beautiful hill stations in north India can be explore by road trips. The roads are welcoming as you move toward Mount Abu via NH 14. The rolling and jagged peaks of Arvallis shall give you meaningful company. Traveling via NH 8 and then onto NH 14 is the preferable route but it should not in any way that you should be reluctant from taking any other available route.  

4) Jaipur to Bikaner

jaipur to bikaner Bikaner is the ancestor of all such savories and what is more, there is the popular Junagadh fort situated in the middle of the desert town. You need only pick up your motorbike and hit the runway on NH 11 which connects the 2 cities of Rajasthan. The 335 Km distance can be covered without many hassles in about only 6 hours. The vibrant desert life racing past will remain embedded in your memory quite firmly.

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