Different Views of the Taj Mahal

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Different Views of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal from the Top

Taj Mahal is a piece of marble. It is made up of white marble and is located in Agra, a city in Uttar Pradesh. It was made by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child. She was in labor pain continuously for 48 hours. It is dedicated to Mumtaz Mahal because Shah Jahan loves her so much. He tried his best to make it as beautiful as Mumtaz Mahal was. It's ok around 17 years to get built. It was declared as one of the Ancient wonders of the world. Let's talk about the top 9 views of the Taj Mahal on Taj Mahal tour from Delhi.

From Inside the Taj

This is the very first view of the Taj Mahal. We go inside it and see the architecture. This is a place where the actual beauty of the Taj can be seen. There is beautiful architecture inside it. The inlays of different colors are of different marbles. All this makes it very beautiful. The philosophy of contrast colors is used in it. This is an evergreen concept. It looks only white in color from outside but there are variations from the inside.

From Mehtab Bagh

When we go to Mehtab Bagh which is located exactly opposite it; it gives the best look in the light of the Moon. Mehtab Bagh was meant to have a great look of it very peacefully. For example, if one wants to see the Taj Mahal from the front, he cannot keep standing for a long time. Anyone needs space to sit. Mehtab Bagh was designed for the same. This is a very important view of it. It looks very calm and serene at this time in the moonlight from Mehtab Bagh.

From Agra Fort

Agra Fort was a village which was made for the Mughal rulers and their royal families. When you look at the Taj Mahal from the Agra Fort which is called as the home of the Mughals, it has a different view. It looks little away but still close. The additional beauty of the minarets makes it look so complete. This beauty has its own definition.

Taj Mahal in Full Moon Night

When the Taj Mahal enters into full moon night, the natural moonlight shines the texture. It is very difficult to define the beauty of the Taj Mahal. When Moonlight falls on it and it has no other option except for looking beautiful, it is at its best. It is a superb wonder in itself. It completely looks like a pole at night. This view cannot be forgotten at all. If you even pass by the Taj Mahal and look at it, you are lucky enough.

Taj Mahal from the Hotel Room

Looking at the Taj Mahal from any of the hotels that you are staying in is a complete look for taking selfies. As per the fashion trends these days, the view of the Taj Mahal from the hotels is used for this purpose only. But imagine you wake up in the morning and you have the opportunity to see the beauty of the Taj. Your entire day is made; because you would begin your day by looking at the epitome of love. Love is everything in our life.

360-Degree View of the Taj Mahal

If you are the one who has not yet seen the Taj Mahal in reality, it may be little difficult for you do you understand. But we are in the world of the 21st century, where everything is possible virtually. So you must have seen the 360-degree view of the Taj Mahal which makes you feel just like going towards it and touching it. This view is priceless. We generally like 3D movies also as compared to the 2D movies.

The Taj Mahal at Night

The Taj Mahal looks beautiful whether it is full moonlight or just night. The Taj Mahal is always reflecting its beauty in some of the other way. This beauty is admired by everyone. The Taj Mahal is made up of marble which has a tendency to shine. If you look at it very carefully, there are very small particles which are responsible for reflection. This overall is very beautiful.

Taj Mahal from Yamuna River

Yamuna River is responsible for the Taj Mahal long-lasting establishment. It is because the foundation of it is made up of timber. Timber inside the earth gets water from the water of Yamuna. This is the sole reason for the Taj Mahal still standing up and adding to the beauty of India. If one stands near the Yamuna River, the look of the beauty is so fine that one cannot see standing on the bank of the river and watch it continuously for hours.

Top Of the Taj Mahal Some

The dome of the Taj Mahal from the top; looks like a pearl. This is an exceptional architectural creation. This dome makes it look like a very divine place. After all, it is a mosque and in the basement, there are graves of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. Next time you would be going from Delhi to Agra by car.

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