Tips for Travelling the Golden Triangle

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Tips for Travelling the Golden Triangle

When you have never gone to India, you want to. And if it's your first time to India, you want to visit, as I did so, via the fantastic golden triangle.

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The golden triangle is the name of the favorite traveler circuit in India which includes Delhi, Agra home to the famous Taj Mahal and Jaipur. The India holiday trip itinerary usually begins in Delhi and entails traveling to the city of love Agra accompanied by Jaipur. Below are a few helpful tips how to make it work.

The perfect amount of time to do the triangle

Having done the trip I could vouch that following a triangle was perfect. I loved 2 days in Delhi, two 1 day in Agra, 2 days in Jaipur and another back Delhi, even though of course I possibly could have gladly have spent additional time in India, it did not feel rushed in any way. Book Delhi one day tour packages in India.

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Have someone to pick you up from the airport

Having pre - arranged exchanges is always more suitable, especially following long - haul airline. In India though, I believe it is essential. The airport terminal was not as practically as hectic when I was planning it to be, but beyond your hassle of taxi drivers and bag handlers approaching you will be a little mind -boggling, especially if you are jetlagged.

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So, instead, I would recommend skipping the trouble and planning for a driver to meet you at the airport. There is nothing more reassuring than experiencing your name on an indicator when appearing out of the gate!

Avoid the tour buses

As a traditional tourist trail, there are many travel buses that get around the golden triangle India. Even though some places are good to see on an organization travel to India golden triangle is not just one of these. In a huge group, you will not only be hassled by hawkers and streets at every traveler attraction, but you will also skip the chance to endeavor from the beaten track just a little.

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While I adored visiting the symbol on the trail, some of my personal moments happened from the destination, like getting together with local community kids and shopping at the cities markets.

Travel with a private driver and enjoy the ride

While traveling by a tourist bus is not ideal heading alone is not actually possible either. Touring between each city is most beneficial done by car and traveling in India is most beneficial left to an area. Each leg is usually between a 4 and 6 hours drive too, so it is better to just relax and revel in the tour. And it truly is a ride.

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A few of my weirdest and wackiest sightings, from goats, easily motorbike to naked Jain monks walking along the street, happened when traveling between a city.

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