Seven Best Destinations for Skiing In India

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Seven Best Destinations for Skiing In India

Today Skiing has become the desire winter sport for people of the landmass. Skiing is not just an attraction in western countries alone. Hundreds of tourists visit India to spend their winter vacations and live into the excitement of Skiing while riding through various locations offered by the country. There are a lot of different skiing destinations in India seven best destinations for Skiing.

Manali -

Manali tour packages

Manali is a very beautiful town situated in Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh also popular for skiing. The perfect time to visit Manali is December to February. A little away from the heart of Manali; Solang Nala is a well known place for skiing. You can learn skiing here. Every visitor to Manali must definitely go skiing.

Pahalgam -

Pahalgam tour packages

Pahalgam is located in Jammu and Kashmir. A major destination for skiing is very popular in all the area of western Himalayas. There are many tournaments organized as well as workshops held for teaching the basics of skiing. The best time to visit is in the months from December to March. The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports provides courses for skiing.

Rohtang -

Rohtang tour packages

Rohtang offers another popular skiing destination in India. It makes an ideal destination for all ski lovers as place serve winter season here. The pass provides a natural divide between the Kullu Valley with a primarily Hindu culture. The skiing tracks are available here in winters as well as in summer and winter, turning it into a favorite skiing destination for many. This Rohtang is very serene and has many photographic spots to enjoy apart from skiing.

Narkanda -

Narkanda tour packages

Narkanda is located at an almost 2708 meters on the Hindustan Tibet road. Narkanda for those who want to enjoy unlimited skiing .There are a lot of skiing courses that start in January in Narkanda. Hundreds of tourist visits Narkanda all round the year to find comfort in its pleasing and soothing environment .The winters cover the area with a nice white sheet of snow and thus the surroundings are just awesome.

Kufri -

Kufri tour packages

Kufri is located in Himachal Pradesh. Kufri is a little area of Himachal Pradesh that sees a lot of tourist crowds comprehend mainly of skiers from all over the India. The ideal time for skiing in this region is from the months of November to February. Skiing on Kufri’s undulating slopes is an ethereal and refreshing experience in itself. Lots of tourist visits Kufri during this sport meet to participate in various winter sports events in Kufri. The winter sport of snow skiing on Kufri’s rolling tilt is just amazingly refreshing.

Auli -

Auli tour packages

Located some 250 km's away from Rishikesh, the place is almost like “heaven on earth”. Auli is a famous skiing destination for many people like this place not just because of its beautiful glittering tilt but as well as for the nice clean environment. There is skiing tilt in the range of 2000m to 3000m. There is an institute in Auli where you have a small training of skiing during December to February.

Gulmarg -

Gulmarg tour packages

It is one of the top skiing destinations in the world. The incredible scenic value of this place makes it a wonderful tourist spot. In Apparwat Ridge, an 800m slope is present which gives a lifetime experience for skiers. Gulmarg is a nice little place in the Baramla district of Jammu and Kashmir. Popularly known as the “Heartland of winter sports like skiing in India” the place is the 7th best skiing destination in Asia. The best time to visit this area is during the months of December to March. Gulmarg also has the famous “Gulmarg Gondola” which is the highest cable car in the whole world.

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