What to Wear on Your Rajasthan Trip?

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What to Wear on Your Rajasthan Trip?

Here is my new blog dedicated to those who plan to visit Rajasthan during summer and are worried about what to pack and what not to pack for the Rajasthan trip for 4 days.

Almost every trip of travelers begins with a simple question -

  • What should you pack for the holidays?
  • What do I wear on the trip?

And yes, you are not alone in this dilemma, everyone is crazy. Being sure to wear the right clothes frees you from many thoughts that can interrupt your wonderful vacation.

Although there are no strict rules on what to wear in Rajasthan, and most of the time the selection of clothes for packaging depends on the season in which you are planning your visit, you must be careful that the clothing selection is not too revealing or too skinny. The people of Rajasthan are still traditional and would allow you to mix easily if you use something that goes with your spirit. So let's see what you should pack for Rajasthan tour packages for 7 days.

To simplify its packaging, I have divided the topic "What to wear when visiting Rajasthan?" by relating it to several seasons of the state.

Although the dress varies according to the season, it is not very affected by the part of the state that you want to visit (the solution to what to wear is still almost the same for Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Bikaner, etc.).

The Rajasthan stations are divided into three categories - summer season, rainy season, and winter season.

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What to Wear for Summer in Rajasthan

If you plan to visit Rajasthan in summer, you should be very careful, as it is extremely hot and dry during the day, although the nights are a bit pleasant, as the temperature drops during the night. To start packing, start with light and loose clothing so your body can breathe. Cotton garments are better because they are light and absorb sweat easily and quickly.

For Men -

Men should choose to wear a full-sleeve cotton shirt to prevent them from burning and tanning during the summer days. To go out in the morning and in the evening, men can wear T-shirts that are soft and comfortable. Cotton pants and shorts should also be preferred in the packaging to combat heat and sweat.

For Women -

Women can also wear shirts with full sleeves, and it is preferable to wear denim, a skirt, or shorts (remember that it is not too short).

Accessories to Pack for Rajasthan Trip in Summer

Whether you are male or female, you should make sure you bring a good pair of sunglasses, a hat or a cap and a good pair of comfortable shoes, since most of the tourist places in Rajasthan are located uphill and most of the time you will have to walk to explore the place. Bring plenty of water or any liquid to stay hydrated while you explore Rajasthan during summer.

What to Wear for Rainy Season in Rajasthan

I would suggest this period of time for most people since, in this period of time, the beauty of Rajasthan expands many folds and helps travelers to explore more. Some things to keep in mind for the season there are mosquitoes, so you should pack some repellent, also drink safe water, prefer bottled water to avoid the problems of getting sick and spoiling your trip, and the last and most important light trip and select a good vehicle for your trip (roads can be a problem sometimes).

For Men -

Men can pack with full-sleeve shirts (they will save you from mosquito bites), a pair of denim, and a pair of good shoes. Also, carry a backpack to keep your belongings safe if it starts to rain unexpectedly. A jacket with a hood or wind jacket is preferable to escape the rain. A two-piece raincoat can also be useful if you really want to stay dry. Avoid one-piece raincoats, as they do not feel comfortable as they walk through the hills.

For Women -

The first thing is to avoid shirts and toppers of light colors, these reveal a lot when they are wet, you do not want unwanted attention. A good pair of denim can make your trip a good one by avoiding insect bites and dirt. Do not wear high heels, as the routes to any of the places become muddy and damp, you will not want to get stuck while others continue to enjoy. A good umbrella of the local market with traditional works of art will help you escape the rain and can beautify your selfies.

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What to Wear For Winters in Rajasthan -

Winters are the best for people who come from countries with cold temperatures; Acclimatization is not a problem for them. The winters in Rajasthan are pleasant for each type of tourist activity, even so, the package must include a combination of wool and light wool clothing, and you can also enjoy using each color of your choice.

For Men -

Men can pack full sleeves and half sleeves, sweaters, and jackets according to taste. The full-sleeved clothing will mostly be useful in the evening outing; on the other hand, half of the sleeves can be used for day trips. Wool socks, good sunglasses, a good pair of shoes, and light gloves can also help fight the cold. A pair of denim can comfort you in the cold while you explore the place.

For Women -

I said every time women have lots of choices when it about clothing. You can buy lots of drapes to match your styling from local markets also you have a lot of choices in terms of color and variety when it comes to Jackets, Sweaters, pullovers, etc. The season and its climate support everything you want to wear so do not hesitate to pack anything.

Some Tips -

In cities such as Udaipur and Mount Abu, the climate remains similar throughout the year, so specific guidelines on what to do with the season are not required. Try not to pack too much, since everything is available in the local bazaars of Rajasthan. These points are kept in mind on Rajasthan tour packages.

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