Best 7 Places in South India - You Must Go for Honeymoon

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Best 7 Places in South India - You Must Go for Honeymoon


Beautiful places, wonderful coffee, picture taking and trekking, there are so multiple reasons to spend your honeymoon vacation in Coorg, one of the very most popular hill station in South India. Although there are a few activities to keep you occupied throughout your honeymoon vacation in Coorg, it is mostly about enjoying the calmness and serenity enveloping the area. You could have a trek through the spice plantations, spend some lovely occasions at the Abbey Comes (located just nearby) and get incredible places at the Madikeri Fort.

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Coonoor is all about magnificent views, tea gardens and lush trees. Wherever you go with your adored one, you are welcomed by different vistas of nature. Romance comes with your life here in the form of the train ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Train (Toy Train), which is the oldest mountain railways in India. Besides, the amazing views of the lush Nilgiri hills simply eaves you enchanted. Coonoor is all about calming, sightseeing and revel in the various faces of nature in the company of your loved one.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley, in Andhra Pradesh, is a lovely put in place Andhra Pradesh which is generally known as the "Food Bowl of South India". Araku Valley is exquisite for those honeymoon lovers who cherish their solitude and choose to invest their amount of time in the business of nature. There are many sightseeing destinations in Araku Valley which provide the right mixture of excursion, entertainment and spirituality. A few of these will be the Borra Caves, Sri Mahalingeshwara Swamy Temple and Katiki Falls, among others.


If you would like your honeymoon to be always a lovely sightseeing experience, Yercaud is where you ought to be going to. This hill station tour packages also allows you to definitely send amount of time in a satisfying way. Orchards, coffee plantations, an unbelievable variety of wildlife, Yercaud has everything. While you explore the many charms of the place together with your cherished one, you cannot help but spot the amazing ways that nature occurs.


Kudremukh Range, this means horses face in English, is so called due to its resemblance to the facial skin of a horses. Kudremukh, one of the South India hill station, is the sort of place you go to when you wish to leave the concerns of the world behind you. For any honeymoon, there is absolutely no better destination. In the event that you and your spouse love trekking, then that is where you should be. The landscape here is identified by grassy slopes, meandering waterways, orchids, caves and remnants of old civilizations that leave you astounded as you make the right path through it. The optimum time to go to Kudremukh is following the monsoons when everything shows up fresh and rejuvenated.


The credit for the finding of Panchgani as a hill station would go to the British, for this is they who uncovered the area. Panchgani is surrounded by 5 hills topped with a volcanic plateau which will be the second highest in India following the Tibetan Plateau. This place has a certain romantic feel to it, rendering it the perfect spot to honeymoon. There are many viewing points that lovely views of the environment can be experienced. A few of these are Sydney Point, Parsi Point and the Devil's Kitchen, which is thought to be where the Pandavas of the Mahabharata experienced stayed for a time.


Ponmudi, the administrative capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, is one of the best hill stations in South India for best honeymoon package in India. The hill slopes in Ponmudi always appears to be protected in mist, as though the whole scenery were lost in a cavernous slumber. Spend a honeymoon in Ponmudi can be a pleasing and thrilling experience. With its barely credible variety of flora and fauna and the individual experiences provide by Ponmudi, it ensures that you have a charming honeymoon. Unique experiences await you here in the form of a tree house view tower.

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