Don’t Do In Diwali

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Don’t Do In Diwali

Everyone wants for prosperity in Diwali. We involve ourselves in doing all kinds of thing to please the Goddess of wealth.

So go ahead and read through our list of things you must not do this Diwali also ensure that you don’t leave any stone unturned to welcome the said god to your home.

Clean Home -

Why would Goddess Lakshmi care to step into the home that is in need of a wash? So, wipe out every speck of dust, throw away that garbage and cleans all those spider webs from every corner of your home.

Check Your Reckless Spirit -

Here’s some advice that has been repeated a million times but trust us, it pays to pay heed to these safety tips.

So, don’t ignore the precaution to be taken while bursting firecrackers.

Don’t Worry (Be Happy)

Diwali is a time to share and spread happiness because prosperity are associated with positive outlooks toward life.

On the other hand, staying in separation or moving around in a bad mood is unrewarding on Diwali night.

So, go out, mingle with your loved ones and share a joke. It is a time for relatives, family, and friends.

Avoid Black Color -

Yes, we know how much you love wearing black. But in Diwali, put the idea of getting into that lovely black dress aside and wear the colors like red, yellow.

Reason Behind This -

Goddess Lakshmi is least pleased with any Raven color. So, think seriously about adding cheery colors like pink, red, yellow, and golden to your festival wardrobe.

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