Solo Travel Tips to India

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Solo Travel Tips to India
Basic Tips -
  1. Drink sterilized water

This is important while you are traveling in India. As a person who reads has point out the carry a steripen so you can disinfect your drinking water rather than make worthless in the form of the plastic bottle is a better idea. Other than, if you do go the bottle walkway, make sure that it hasn't been tamper with. Ensure that the cap is intact. Some bottle has a plastic covered. Check inside the cap wasn't intact on the one that I purchased. I got it back again to the stand and they changed it with the one that was - no questions. Think about the profit of taking an empty bottle and filling up it from the tap then adding a plastic cover on it. Watch all drinking water you get carefully.

  1. Patience

Not everything will continue to work on your timetable in India but, if you ask me, it all works. Just like the traffic, India works alone inner logic.

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  1. ID Proof

Keep your license handy. There is a time such as on the trains where you could be called for ID proof with your passport tucked away it is handy to have a license available.

  1. Travel Agents

It looks that Internet cafes and so on will set themselves up as best travel company in India with no recognized position. They simply know how Indian rail works, etc., apply their knowledge to truly get you the thing you need and put in a surcharge to your buy. In one circumstance I was charged 50 to 120 rupees per booking. The thing is they are booking you on the mail account. In the event that you change your mind, you don't get your cash back. The benefit is that the money lost is hardly ever significant in western terms.

  1. For Foreigners

In the Taj Mahal tour from Delhi, there are individual lines for foreigners. For the most famous places, there will vary charge for foreigners even if there aren't different lines.

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  1. To be Justify Alone

If you wish to be justify only (which is challenging at train station and so on in India) take action deliberately. Even if you are simply searching to find things out, get it done as if you are considering your driver and infuriated that he isn't yet there.

If (as a female) you are being frustrated by a man proclaiming to offer you a rickshaw or travel of the town, look to the bottom and say that your brother doesn't allow you to talk with strange men. I can't believe I resorted to the tactic but I did so and it worked well like a dream.

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  1. Reservations

You can book by email or phone. If you ask me, the phone was easier. You need to the booking without requesting a debit card. Larger, string hotels may possibly require a card.

Require a pickup - this appeared to work 50% of that time period. When scheduling your reservation, require a grab from the place in the event that's how you are arriving. That is an excellent service, particularly if you are arriving at evening. The hotel will pay for the pick - up. You offer a tip.

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  1. Check your room

Before you consent to stay, check your room and verify the purchase price. No window? Require another or discount offers.

  1. Payment

All the budgeted hotels I remained at took cash only.

  1. Earplugs

If you are a light sleeper earplugs are a good notion. Structures in India are constructed of materials like marble that bounces sound around. Personnel in the lobby and morning hour's religious rituals nearby can be loud.

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  1. Hot Water

In many budget resort or hotel, you will need to carefully turn on the boiler about quarter - hour before you want hot water.

  1. Power

The power may also be shut down between certain times every day. In my experience, each morning 2 hours and another 2 hours in the evening.

  1. Expensive Hotels

If on a budget, I love these luxury hotels and their views for meals or drink.

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  1. Book in advance

Book seats in the better vehicles go quickly so it is better to reserve your trains at least weekly in advance. With regards to the train, 1AC, 2AC, CC, are best.

  1. Buying at the Station

The major train station has separate ticket lines for foreigner tourist.

  1. Watch Your Change

My first solution was bought for me personally by an area beside me in the foreigners' lines. He paid for a solution of fewer than 100 rupees with a 500 of and gets changes for a 100. He kept his ground and was insistent despite people moving him from behind to go on. Eventually, he got his change.

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  1. Trains are Punctual

Some trains in a few stations only stop for just 2 to 3 minutes. Intend to reach the station early on when you have difficulty finding your track and car.

  1. Finding Your Car

If you have a reserved seat you'll be in a selected car. The bigger stations have digital signs showing wherever your car will minimize - which is effective when you don't have long to can get on the train. If there are no signs, look for the official plus they can let you know.

  1. Sleeper Cars

There are usually 2 toilets at each end of the vehicle with at least one is western style.

  1. Justify Luggage

If you are touring by train and want to avoid in the city for your day, show your onward solution and, for 10 rupees every day, you can leave your luggage in a secure area when you tour.

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  1. Retiring Rooms

Some station has a room that you can rent so long as you come with an onward ticket. The price is low and the stay is very basic.

  1. Rickshaws

Much cheaper than taxis they easily hold up to 3 people plus luggage.

  1. Buses

These typically run along main roads of smaller cities. You can join and leap off - in Rishikesh, the price is 5 rupees no subject what lengths you go.

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  1. Take Your Time

There are always many, many distributors for each and every product. If you are going to maintain town for a couple of days, say so and take down notes of the merchandise, price, and places to enable you to go back if you'd like. I always discovered that I kept money by firmly taking my time.

  1. First Time

Salespersons will ask you if this is the first time in India. It looks like a simple, gracious query but, in detail, they are evaluating what to charge you.

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All you require to know about solo travel in one place. Available in e-book format.

  1. Shipping Things Home

There are a lot of stores that specialize in delivery your purchase home. Make certain that you get a receipt for your shipment. Word in the midst of travelers is that the method well though I didn't test it.

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