The City Of Love - Agra

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The City Of Love - Agra

It is better late than never to visit such an amazing place - Agra. One of the magnificent cities, once the capital of Hindustan is holding the beauty and elegance of the country’s heritage really strong. The charm of Agra is not confined to the dazzling Taj Mahal, but the city has bazaars, historical places, and gardens that are spectacular to visit and experience. The city hosts more than millions of visitors every year who come to savor the taste of it is incredible. This North Indian city contains vibrant traces of remarkable Indian history. The lifestyle of Agra people is only the improved preserved version of its exceptional culture and tradition. With monuments and gardens, the place is also the milestone of authentic food and handicrafts.

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Exploring India is in actual incomplete if one does not visit the Indian Agrabah. The city is very economical in every sense, be it for food, traveling, shopping, and lodging. Book same day Agra tour by car to know more about the city. It is always best to approach a private tour guide in Agra, as they have proficient local guides who know varied unknown tidbits of the place. But, before you want to hire a one, it is always better to have a rough idea about this amazing city for general knowledge purposes. Find below what all exciting places are waiting for you. Also, get to know the essential tips that are must be followed during a visit to Taj Mahal, the world’s 7th wonder.

Exciting Places to Visit in Agra

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There are lots to see in Agra, but there are some which one must not miss visiting while your same day Agra tour by train. The list comprises of nostalgic historic structures to amazing shopping destinations.

Taj Mahal - Taj, the abode of love was built in 1653 by Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz. It is made up of white marble, gems, crystals and many precious materials. The beauty of the mausoleum is enhanced by the huge garden it has. Also, river Yamuna flowing beside it adds the tinch of everlasting romance.

Sikandra - The tomb of Emperor Akbar is only 13 KMs away from the Agra Fort. The huge, beautifully carved, red-ochre sandstone tomb with deer, rabbits, and langurs is set within a lush garden. Akbar planned his own tomb and selected this site. Jahangir, son of Akbar, constructed it in 1613 and inscribed the 99 names of Allah.

Fatehpur Sikri - The city is the best example of Akbar’s architectural finesse. It was once the capital of Emperor Akbar. For tourists, the place has amazing Forts and Mahals. Akbar had to abandon the city due to the scarcity of water. Despite the lack of water, the place holds its rich architecture and heritage that is ought to be applauded.

Kinari Bazaar - It is a wholesale market for fancy laces and papers, tassels, beads, gifting envelopes, decorative items and more. In short, the market is the designer’s paradise. You will get to see students and professionals wandering around in search of something unique to match their design idea. Lots of funky silver jewelry and accessories are also available at affordable prices.

Naulakha Bazaar - The market is popular for dealing into imitation jewelry and showpieces, along with garments and others. Natives of Agra love this place for purchasing items made of timber. Wandering through the lanes and bylanes of the bazaar would surely work up your appetite. There are plenty of options available for authentic Agra food to satisfy your taste buds.

Sadar Bazaar - It is the most famous shopping destination attracting a handsome number of tourists. Located near the Agra Cantonment railway station, vendors sell handicrafts, garments, delicious sweets, leather products and more. If you want to enjoy economic shopping then this place has it all. Once you are done with shopping, food joints are there to fill your taste buds.

Places to Visit In and Around Taj

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The Taj does not consider only the Mahal. The brilliant piece is surrounded by amazing places that one should not miss seeing and explore while your Taj Mahal tour from Delhi.

Baby Taj - The mausoleum is a definite place to visit. The tomb is the exclusive piece of Mughal architecture, but it holds a significant difference. It is much different from the period of Humayun’s and Akbar’s Mughal architectural type. The structure is very similar to Taj Mahal. It was built by Noor Jahan, wife of Jahangir, and is often referred to as Baby Taj. River Yamuna flows near the mausoleum. Though most of the carved work is damaged due to environmental factors, it is very famous for the marble lattice screen.

Agra Fort - UNESCO has credited Agra Fort as a World Heritage Site. The fort was the residence of the then Mughal emperors. Since it is located only 2.5 KMs away from Taj Mahal, one can get a nice view of the love mausoleum from the fort. The red sandstone fort is more likely a walled city. There are lots of fascinating things inside that you will love to watch. There are mesmerizing rooms, pearl mosque, gem mosque, peacock throne, room of mirrors, bathing bowl and many more.

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The Taj Walk - Enjoy a walk in the Taj Protected Forest, which is located just before reaching the East Gate. The walk is a mix of paved paths and dirt trails. You can also spot peacocks roaming wild. The crowning jewel of the park is the free views of the Taj Mahal! There are a few benches placed across the grounds and every once in a while you will come across unexpected hills that presents dazzling views of the Taj in the sunlight. As the park is located on the eastern side of the Taj, you get the best views in the morning when the sunlight hits the mausoleum. Afternoon view will not be that bad, but the Taj will be backlit - something to keep in mind if you want to click some amazing photos.

Mehtab Bagh - Moonlight Garden is one of the most romantic places. Taj Mahal on one side and river Yamuna on the other make the garden a dream paradise. It gives postcard-perfect views suitable for a perfect click. Due to its ambiance specialty, the location is popular among couples and families. People start to gather across the lawn as the sun starts to set. As per the legends, Shah Jahan wanted to build his mausoleum of black marble to mirror the Taj Mahal. But his son, Emperor Aurangzeb, ended up throwing him in prison. Kindly visit it in Delhi to Agra by car.

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