You Can Visit 5 Countries With An Indian Passport Without Visa

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You Can Visit 5 Countries With An Indian Passport Without Visa

Planning for a trip abroad! But trapped in getting a visa on your own? Well, it's time you begin packing your bags because here we enlist the countries you can travel to with an Indian passport without the visa. With many of these countries necessitating no visa for Indians although some offering visa on introduction to Indians, you can make an application for the visa once you make the touch down at the holiday destination.

To solidify your travel plans, few lines about these beautiful locations -

1. Bhutan


A country where success is assessed not in conditions of GDP (gross domestic product) but gross domestic happiness. Bhutan is the previous surviving Himalayan kingdom. The land of thunder dragon or the previous Shangri La has made certain that travel and leisure don't impact the custom, tradition and culture and the most pristine Himalayan land that is present on the planet. However, the very good news for Indians is the fact that they don't need to pay the big amount of money in tourism as other nationals. You will find monasteries to go to, rare wildlife to identify and almost all of all the social immersion and how of life of Bhutanese people only will keep you awestruck.

2. Indonesia


Indonesia in the South East of Asia can be an archipelago of islands, the amounts of which are designated in hundreds. Usually, Bali handles to snatch away all the news; never to blame it as the hill scenery and beach locations from it are just magnificent. But on taking into consideration the other areas of this highly varied country, you can obtain the flavor of around 200 countries, all at once. Indonesia has Balinese culture, which lays heavy stress on drama, dance and sculpture (excluding Shadow Puppet theatre).

The gamut of temples and history and traditions sites, which not only depict the significance, the traditional or culture has of these Asian societies, but it shows the way the region has taken care of balance with the present day travel and leisure. And discussing temples, world's most significant Buddhist monument is consecrated at Borobudur temple, a UNESCO site.

It is an opportunity to visit the sites of energetic volcanoes (Sumatra) or you can merely watch the Orangutans fondling with the other person in the torrential rain forests. And when you get time, try your hand at the Impeccable under drinking water sports activities available here (diving and snorkeling).

3. Thailand


One of the island countries that have a home in the Indian Ocean, Thailand radiates with a certain hue. Its golden glittering temples, amazing beach locations, melting pots of culture and the ever-comforting Thai look; resplendent to its maximum. The Metropolitan elegance of Thailand intoxicating as well. Here (Bangkok), the 21st century plays its constant game. The spicy streets food, market places, cafes using one end and the casinos, discotheques, pubs on the other, bring the most reserved of the travelers on the night spree here.

4. Nepal


Land of the mighty snow peaks, Sherpas, and the mystique Yeti, Nepal is the closest you can happen to be the Himalayas. Being honored with the best mountain on the earth (Mt. Everest), one can certainly imagine the country's inclination towards thin air activities that bring gutsy travelers from all edges of the world. religious strolls to the age groups stupas and temples can also bring a certain amount of elegance to the phony journeying, caused because of the usual metropolitan delights. Quite simply, Nepal is for many who do not head getting on difficult paths to explore the extreme tourist out of him.

5. Fiji


An assortment of volcanic islands spanning across 1000 miles in the South Pacific, Fiji is renowned because of its sun kissed beach locations, swaying hands, and turquoise lagoons. There are many adventure activities to attempt in Fiji. Actually, Fiji is so versatile in offering diverse activities that it's as preferred with luxury honeymoon vacation seeker as it has been backpackers or families.

Know more about destinations where you can visit with an Indian passport without the visa, visit Four Wheel Drive India.

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